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Thin skin and bone thin, too

DC Whispers:  He continues to battle a nicotine addiction and has spent a small fortune keeping his records private – including his medical history.

obama sick

Though viewed as the picture of health in 2008, Barack Obama appeared more gaunt the following year and since then weight fluctuations became more numerous and more dramatic as a chameleon-like cycle of a man who shows up looking drastically different than he did just weeks prior.

Rumors of heavy makeup for public appearances to mask “skin discoloration issues” have persisted for a number of years, as has the ongoing speculation of what was the true nature of a lingering cough and alleged throat issues in 2014 and 2015 that required some measure of medical intervention.

Now comes Mr. Obama’s appearance at a California fundraiser this week that had whispers of a president looking “bone-thin” to the point of frailty.  More here

obama gaunt 1

SNIP: Is there anything to this?
Watch him on video HERE and judge for yourself.
[I know I know, just turn the sound off]

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  1. Oh…*I* will:
    where’s a drunk, gay, crippled illegal driver behind the wheel when you really need one?!

  2. Generally me too but in this case I’ll make an exception. I hope it’s a long, slow, painful end and one that I get to see transpire in public.

    REgressivism isn’t just a mental illness, it also eats away your very essence.

  3. Sounds eerily like another ‘god’ so called, back in the days of the early church:

    So on a set day Herod, arrayed in royal apparel, sat on his throne and gave an oration to them. And the people kept shouting, “The voice of a god and not of a man!” Then immediately an angel of the Lord struck him, because he did not give glory to God. And he was eaten by worms and died. – Acts 12:21-23

  4. Is the story implying he has throat cancer and he went to San Diego for treatment- or a spa day for Botox and a face lift?

    I don’t remember where I read it but they put shoulder pads in his suits so doesn’t look so wimpy. It’s hard to hide his skinny wrists though.

  5. For two bit dictators, you can make an exception. I’ve wished for him to accidentally cut off his own heard. slip on a Mooch discarded peel, fall down the tarmac stair case etc but like a tick, just won’t die.

  6. The weight of the office can be heavy at times. The before and after of Lincoln always comes to mind. There was a man giving everything of himself to save the Union.

    If Barry’s health is failing him its not a lack of golf that is causing his ills. Nor would it be his Herculean efforts to destroy the Union because the man has no sense of shame or guilt for what he is doing; in fact he glories in it.

    Like all leftist progtard’s whatever he has he will live a long life so as to remind us all for another generation of how great he is; like Jimmy Carter but minus any charity work.

  7. This story is reminiscent of the old “Ulsterman” blog early on that said Barry had Parkinson’s, AIDS, a dead ringer for the times he was incapacitated and bizarre chanting going on in his dressing room before the “Greek Columns” appearance in Denver.

    I can’t remember who it is, but there’s a conservative blogger who has all but staked his reputation on the claim that Obola won’t finish out his term. If anyone else has seen that claim, please he’p me out here.

  8. “I hope it’s a long, slow, painful end and one that I get to see transpire in public.” I’m with MM on this, but it will never make up for the 7 years of hell he has put America through. Instead of closing Gitmo, he needs to be there, locked up in a cell with those Taliban guys.

  9. You are 100% correct.

    He…has spent a small fortune keeping his records private – including his medical history.

    Remember when Ronald Reagan was in the hospital for colon polyps? I do. The papers had diagrams and medical drawings of colon polyps, what they were, and how to treat them. President Reagan was open about why he was there and that he had a normal condition for his age just like millions of other Americans.

    But Gay Barry hides everything. He’s got HIV and is taking serious medication to keep him going. HIV is NOT normal — at any age. If you are not a homosexual or an intravenous drug user, the odds of you getting HIV/AIDS is none to none. There is no heterosexual AIDS without homosexual intervention.

    Remember the story BFH posted about the women who got HIV and went to see the doctor because she was afraid of giving it to her boyfriend? The doctor had to cajole the boyfriend into taking tests and they revealed HIV medication in his blood. He admitted that he had been a homosexual and had got HIV and was taking the drugs and never informed his girlfriend of either fact. That is how HIV/AIDS makes the jump to the normal population.

    Now Gay Barry, a known homosexual, is hiding his medical history. Yeah. There’s nothing untoward there.

  10. Well, the crappy shoulder pads are evident in the photo above. Good call!
    And no, I take exception to wishing Obama ill health. But I sure wish there was SOME way for him to go away and never be heard from again. I’ll pray for that instead.


    Oh … I meant “so sad …”


    Fuck that filthy, marxist, moslem, drug-addled cocksucker.

  12. ” But I sure wish there was SOME way for him to go away and never be heard from again.”

    Just so long as it’s excruciatingly painful.

  13. Get real. One of those wouldn’t be allowed within a hundred yards of “The Beast” or his limousine either.

  14. AIDS, lung cancer, who cares? Just as long as he
    doesn’t hang around spouting off bullshit like Jimmy Carter. I wish him as much ill will as he wished for America.

  15. Well that certainly explains his big push for gun control.
    Four colleges in one week.
    Remember the old movies about people being hypnotised and then they receive a phone call to set them off to do something terrible.
    Maybe it’s not so farfetched.
    If he’s sick, physically, that explains his out of control crap. (We already know he’s a mental case.)

  16. I don’t want him to be a sympathetic martyr under any circumstances. I want that Muzzie, Commie, piece of dreck shown to be the Kenyan impostor for all time.
    I want the liberals and blacks to realize that they continually and knowingly perpetrated a fraud on the US population, someone who has cost us untold damage for decades hence.
    Ofucknuts should get no eulogy, no presidential library, no pension to his family, nothing at all, for the ongoing tragedies that he has foisted upon us.

    Hate his motherfucking guts – daily, yearly.

  17. Sorry, the best I can do is a bunch of astrologers who predicted that Obama’s life would be in “danger” during 2015. From what, they didn’t say.

    I assumed attacks from assassins or foreign governments. But now that I think about it, one’s life could easily be in danger from a disease.

  18. Hear ya.

    I decided years ago that it was my duty to loathe this traitorous bastard with every fiber of my being. I don’t care how we get rid of him–as long as it’s really, really ugly for him.

  19. Allah, wonderful being that he is, will have a pen of six dozen young goats waiting for him in Paradise.

  20. God says to pray for our enemies.

    I do. Really, I do. I pray that God will save his soul, give him a Damascus Road experience and he gets on teevee and tells all his secrets and who all the evil, traitorous criminals are in his administration. Then he becomes a champion for American Conservatives from jail.

    After that, I pray that if he doesn’t convert, that God gives him a wasting disease and shrinks into himself like Golum. No hero; no martyr, just a diseased old fuck painfully remembering that he ALMOST grabbed that gold ring.

    Every USA, USA chant, every Pledge of Allegiance and every prayer uttered in public as our country heals from the blight of Progressivism, burns hot coals on his rotting head.

    My roommate thinks I’m sick! But I think deep down she agrees with me.

  21. “Allah, wonderful being that he is, will have a pen of six dozen young goats mighty rams waiting for him in Paradise.”


  22. “Allah, wonderful being that he is, will have a pen of six dozen young goats mighty rams waiting for him in Paradise.”



  23. Unless he’s wearing a polo shirt, I never see Donald J. Trump in a suit jacket and dress shirt without a tie. Now tell me he’s not a conservative in his heart.

    Oh, and on obama’s physical appearance I’m with those who think he’s got HIV/AIDS. To quote his own words, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” And, brother, he’s not hiding his health information for nuthin’.

  24. I agree – looks like AIDS. The article said he was going off the grid in San Diego. Is it just a coincidence that UC San Diego Owen Clinic is on of the top ten AIDS treatment centers in the country? So, combine AIDS with drug addiction, and it’s not surprising he has health issues.

    I know we are not supposed to wish ill on anyone. It’s so hard, though. He is one of the most vile excuses for a human being I have ever seen. If there was such a thing as justice or karma, he would die a very slow, painful death. That would give lots of us time to plan some great sendoff parties, don’t you think?

  25. Loretta, I say it at least once a day. Obama will be the reason i can’t get into heaven. I used to think it would be my neighbors. But I bought a fence. I despise every lying thing about him and all the people who voted for him dead and alive. I have threatened a “liberal” friend. (kinda.. this presidency has strained that relationship) His father was a professor at Vanderbilt (nuff said) with death. I told him, I can’t kill O, but your are close and I am a good shot.
    Willfully ignorant is what I call the otherwise smart people who won’t admit their mistake.

  26. Why shouldn’t I wish ill upon someone that has devoted his life to destroying my country? My kids and grandkids are going to be paying off the debts and trying to untangle the mess he’s made.

  27. I hear you, Pamazon. I scare myself sometimes with how much I hate this POS. And the people who voted for him, one of whom is my best friend. She has since seen the light, but the stupidity it took to vote for him the first time has really changed how I think of her.

  28. Even under the best constant medical supervision, speed-balling takes it’s toll, as it has for every dick-tator throughout history. Nobody can show up and yak as much as that ass without being doped.

  29. It’s happened before.
    “Arafat’s personal doctor for 18 years, Dr. Ashraf Al-Kurdi, said Arafat suffered from AIDS.”

    “In September 2005, based on obtained Arafat records, an Israeli AIDS expert claimed that Arafat bore all the symptoms of AIDS, while The New York Times claimed it was highly unlikely that Arafat died from AIDS.

    Though it’s claimed AIDS was not the actual cause of death. Some people believe he was poisoned, on purpose or accidentally.

  30. Please, God, don’t let him die in office and become a martyr. I don’t think I could stand a Barack Obama federal holiday. Save us from that abomination. Amen.

  31. Yep, looks like Boathouse Barry’s HIV/AIDS is kicking into high gear.
    “Go Speed Barry GOOOOO. . . .”

    (with apologies to a favorite old schlock cartoon)

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