“Think you can use the HOV lane with Skeletor riding shotgun?”

Nope. At least not in Arizona you can’t.

KFI: A 62-year-old driver in Arizona has been cited after he placed a disguised a fake skeleton in his car’s front passenger seat in an attempt to use the state’s high-occupancy vehicle lanes, but the spooky solution didn’t work for the Arizona man. more

10 Comments on “Think you can use the HOV lane with Skeletor riding shotgun?”

  1. No bones about it, this numbskull is gonna take a ribbing. If he had half a spine he wouldn’t have executed such a boner idea.

  2. Enforcement of the HOV lanes is nearly impossible, at least in the Southwest USA, because nearly every car on the road has black-out tint on the windows.

  3. The HOV lane must have been thought up by a liberal.
    I have always thought it was just plain stupid to place such restrictions on a lane of traffic during the busiest traffic hours…..Just when it is needed the most.

  4. My favorite story is the hearse using the HOV lane because he thought the dead body in the back counted as the second person.

  5. I’m glad they’ve solved all the serious crime in Arizona that they can now go after these scofflaws with vigor.


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