This Dad Has Had It: “You’re a bunch of cowards hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping schools closed!”


Not The Bee:
Hoo boy! Watch this mad dad go completely ballistic on his school board and call them “a bunch of cowards hiding behind our children” for refusing to open schools.

“You’re a bunch of cowards hiding behind our children as an excuse for keeping schools closed,” the man said. “You think you’re some sort of martyrs because of the decisions you’re making when the statistics do not lie that the vast majority of the population is not at risk from this virus.”

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  1. After Work, I sit on My Front Porch and swill Beer,smoke a Cigar, and generally

    solve the World’s Problems…Everyday I watch My Neighbors Kids get off the

    Bus at the end of the Block…and wear Their masks all the way down the Street

    and into Their Homes….Then 15 Minutes later…They’re all out Maskless

    Playing in each Others Yards….But it disturbs Me to watch Them dutifully

    wear the Masks …and They are already inured to it…

  2. After this Dad was done and left the room, the worthless school board (in the video I saw) just sat there in stunned and stony silence!! BWAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHHH!!!!!

  3. Eventually, people will be angry enough, fed up enough, that they will massively and voluntarily comply with vaccination orders just to get some relief from the deliberately designed restrictions placed on them to keep them from living normal and meaningful lives.

    The vaccine marks will be accepted, not actually forced, when it makes its appearance.

  4. Yes, they are cowards, but not because of Covid. They are cowards for using a cold virus as a weapon for the willful destruction of a generation of kids as part of the larger indoctrination plan. It is their pinnacle of control in play. They will never give it up…that is, until We the People, speaking as this guy, stop them.

  5. This pandemic clearly shows just how far our medical professionals are actually back in the dark ages. No plan, no agreement, no clear direction other than to follow along with what politics, pharmaceutical companies, MSM and world leaders with other interests are trying to sell for biased reasons. Think how crazy things would be if the pandemic was a really deadly one with bodies stacked in the streets.

  6. C’mon man!
    They’re being paid to do NOTHING! The parasite’s perfect existence.
    They’re not cowards – they’re fikkin thieves! – pretty brazen ones, at that!

    Why didn’t they get sent home like the waitresses and busboys?

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. …you wanna talk about cowards, when I go to the doctor, this guy who knows better, who trained and studied and spent gobs of time in hospitals to learn how to treat people with infectous diseases is a guy who shouts questions at me from as far across the room as he can while wearing a mask under a grinding face guard and wearing gloves even though all of the actual touching part like taking BPs and such was done by underlings.

    …THAT is a COWARD right there, and the ENTIRE MEDICAL PROFESSION’S been going there since Obamacare, so if we can’t get people who SPECIFICALLY ASKED AND PAID AND TRAINED to work with the very diseases THEY ASKED AND PAID AND TRAINED to work with, then can we REALLY be surprised when a bunch of modern univeristy trained and media gaslit modern Democrat morons actually BELIVE what the Democrat propaganda parrots at them from such august China Virus fountains of wisdom like Fauci and The Pedophile Himself?

    …While I’m sure there’s a laziness component to it, I also believe they are genuninely scared.

    And that’s entirely on PURPOSE.

    …Thanks, Democrats…

  8. Apparently biden* has Decreed that NO ONE is ever allowed to say or use the term “China Virus” ever again…Because RACIST!
    I found a neat page to post on…It is the White House FaceBook page:

    And I posted the following:
    “What will the consequences be for the Chinese Communist Party that knowingly released the China Virus and murdered Millions of people around the world?”


    MSG Grumpy

  9. @ ǝpɐɥsʇɥɓᴉuɹǝdnS
    many of us quit the health professions years before our time (remember when 80+y/o physicians still made house calls?)

    IMHO, unless you were stuck financially, or only motivated because of $$, why would a capable doctor accept Big Pharma, Big Insurance and a criminal government telling him what to do?

    As the current preznit, a time-proven moron, criminal and ASSHOLE famously said, obozocare was a big f’in deal man !

  10. Today’s forecast: more anger and disgust JANUARY 28, 2021 AT 10:53 AM

    “many of us quit the health professions years before our time (remember when 80+y/o physicians still made house calls?)”

    …Understand what you’re talking about there…I had 2 older doctors retire rather than put up with just the paperwork bullcrap that Obamacare meant, and that was BEFORE it was fully implemented.

    …I would imagine that its become a good deal LESS pleasant, especially after you’ve gone to school for a decade and did your internship and such, only to be told that you will now be required to do pap smears on men with penises and assist in any way with people who want to poison and mutilate their own children to get to the sex that they want, when you’re not spending your time pretending like a seasonal flu is the Red Death and counseling old people to go to hospice and DIE already, that is…

  11. What angers me most is the whore at the end of the video smugly stating, “can someone wipe down the [mess he just created],” like he’s some dirty underclass that has no privilege to speak and any trace of him needs to be disinfected from the rest of us.

    The gentleman was actually more restrained than I would have been.. But he’s got guts, I’ll give him that!

    fuck your chinavirus.

  12. Demensia Joe said not to call it the China Virus……China Virus. China Virus, China Virus, China Virus, China Virus

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