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This Gender Pay Gap Is UNACCEPTABLE!

Female CEOs make far more than their male counterparts.


If anyone is interested, I’m starting a new curriculum called Myn’s Studies. It will basically be a semester of whining, drum circles, sloganeering, and duct taping our mouths with words written in Sharpies on the tape. Sometimes we will write words on our chests, using our nipples as an “o” (so some thinking may be involved in order to come up with words with ‘o’s in them) and posting them on Instagram.

Extra credit will be given if anyone inverts their genitalia and does a “die-in for cash” in the lobby of Oracle.

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  1. Sadly, in another 15 or 20 years progression of the way things are going today, you could actually be a tenured, minority, college professor in “myn’s studies”. You’re just a little ahead of your time.

    And the really disturbing part is you won’t even have to claim “native American ancestry” like Lizzie Warren.

  2. Earlier in my younger days I tried going the male prostitute route.(Heterosexual, of course)
    All around me the wymmins were making fistfulls of cash while I barely made enough to eat.
    Talk about gender inequality……………………………

  3. Depends.
    Do we get extra credit
    for going to those CEOs’ houses
    and looting them
    in the name of Myn’s Equality?

  4. Hey kid, wanna hear about a real gender gap? Women now outnumber men in the 60-64 age group 8.8 million to 8 million

    And seeing as how there were about 20 million boomer babies born between 1951 and 1955, that means almost twice as many men from that period have died (2 million to 1.2 million) Male privilege is a bitch ain’t it? No wonder so many of our fellow guys drank or drugged themselves into an early grave

    Actually, these figures aren’t cut and dried — there were actually more like 18 million babies born at that time; and there’s the factor of immigration distorting the numbers. But still — huge disparity in deaths between the sexes.

    I’m sure the media will be jumping on this story; possibly as early as this evening. After all, “Males Lives Matter” don’t they?

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