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This is how you do it

In Ohio, Tore went to a school board meeting...
This is only half of what she presented.

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  1. Nothings going to stop the escalation of the COVID prosecution. Why? Because the Communists cheat at elections better when we’re locked down. We’ll be locked down by the Mid Terms. Do not comply.

  2. The lockdown is only for one day Brad!
    Everyone in CA is to stay home on September 14th to flatten the curve! Itz for your safety!

  3. Simple solution;

    Commies are allowed to be ‘shot-on-sight’….no questions asked.
    If they don’t like that, gag them so they’ll never be heard again.

  4. Does anyone know which Ohio town/school district this is? They’ll have the actual meeting video on their website (it’s the law). I’d rather see her face talking than the artful video at the link.

  5. I understand the horrible audio quality from a live meeting, but then why did she add the background “music” and make it worse? Anyway, after playing it 3 times I think I heard most of what she said, and good for her!

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