“This is not food, it’s trash.” – IOTW Report

“This is not food, it’s trash.”

Shocking video claims popular US ice cream treat takes 22 hours to melt.

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  1. Normies knowing their food is poison isn’t as big a concern as driving home with melted ice cream. Or not having that perfectly shaped cone because it took a few minutes too long to stock freezers in the store. So there’s a huge incentive for producers to do what they do, an ice cream product that is sellable no matter the temperature. It’s particularly overlooked in the because no one thinks ice cream is a health food in the first place, so what’s a few added chemicals to add to the bottomline of producers that ultimately make consumers happier?

    What’s that puddle of yellowish transparent liquid the 22-hour cone sits in? Looks like the cone pissed itself.

  2. Read “The Poison Squad” by Deborah Blum to see how bad this was at the turn of the 20th century. Seems like we might be going back in that direction (though, to be honest, I’ve read that the methodology that determines if something is cancerous is a little suspect at times).

  3. Cancer is not the only result of poisonous additives, hormones are a problem, too. Hormones added to the meats and other produce, is the reason why Most Americans are fat bastards. That should be more of a concern. Deep State overlords are responsible.

  4. 99th

    Sometime during an appropriate post we’ll have to talk about the dropping Testosterone levels in young men. I have a friend that is a Sport Medicine Doc. She has 17 year old boys she has on TRT programs because their levels are so low.

  5. Good point, Brad. Besides, the traditional family being fragmented and the importance of fathers disregarded, the food source is compromised.
    Low testosterone in boys can be the reason for so much going wrong with them – being susceptible to transgenderism, for one. The American people are under attack from all sides.


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