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Thomas Massie Exposes the ‘Three Betrayals’ of Mike Johnson


Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) committed “three betrayals” to lead to the upcoming vote to eject him from the speakership, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) said Wednesday.

Massie partnered with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), who introduced the motion to vacate in April, to force the vote. They held a Wednesday press conference announcing their move, during which Massie outlined those three betrayals.

Funding Democrat Priorities and Killing Regular Order Through Spending Bills

“The first betrayal was the omnibus bill,” Massie said. “Under Kevin McCarthy, we did seven separate spending bills. And then when Mike Johnson took over, did we start working on the other side? No, you threw the seven in the trash.”

Conservatives had fought for assurances from then-Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to return regular order on spending bills. Although McCarthy ushered through a short-term continuing resolution in September 2023 for extra time, he had already assured seven of the twelve appropriations bills had passed.

“All the hard work that we had done, Mike Johnson disposed of and decided to do an omnibus bill – an omnibus bill that spent more than Nancy Pelosi’s omnibus bill (passed in late 2022), an omnibus bill that builds the FBI a brand new building.”

Massie took particular umbrage at Johnson including funding for a new FBI facility due to the agency’s continued stonewalling of constitutional oversight by the Judiciary Committee, on which Massie serves.

“Meanwhile, we’re over here in our Judiciary Committee asking them for answers,” he said. “They mock us, they thumb their noses at us, and why shouldn’t they? We’re going to build them a new building and send them strongly worded letters, as if we’re going to do something about their insolence.”

Empowering Warrantless Surveillance of American Citizens through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA)

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  1. The corruption of the politicians today is beyond my ability to think that the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights have any meaning all. Dear Lord protect us from the assinine politicians.

  2. As much as I despise him I think we are stuck with him for now. As wormy as he is I would expect him to resign from congress immediately if he is removed as speaker. The donkeys say they will vote to keep him, I don’t believe that for a second, they can’t wait to vote Jeffries in.we have too many TRAITOROUS BASTARDS in politics!

  3. The final betrayal will be when Johnson and other RINOs resign before the 2024 election; so when Trump wins, the democrats will control the House and refuse to validate the electoral votes. The uniparty will literally steal the election right out in the open.

  4. The Lithuanians, Poles and others have pledged to round up any sensible Ukrainians who’ve fled to avoid being slaughtered in the West’s shameless project of theft and destruction.

    Throw Johnson, his RINO sodomist buddies, and ALL democrats on those busses and left them end up in the open pit graves they are funding for others.

    WTF! WTF America !?

  5. manbearpig
    THURSDAY, 2 MAY 2024, 13:20 AT 1:20 PM
    “I would approve of a brand new building for the FBI as long as it had a wall and guard towers around it and bars on the windows.”

    How about if it has “showers” at the entrance, and large ovens in the very next room?


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