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  1. @Brad — Wholeheartedly agreed! But if my choice is between ordinary assholes with pastries versus govt-anointed assholes with badges and guns, I’ll side with the donut guys.

    Assault? GMAFB.

  2. Uncle Al

    Totally agree. We’re not to far away from all of us being the guy with the donut. I’m wonder why the guy with the AR and a vest was standing there? Someone should show him how to use a sling. He must have been on donut patrol.

  3. Didn’t see what lead up to that point.
    At face value – cops over-reacted and lied. No battery, just hurt feelings.

    I wiped out on a moped. Ambulance had to be called. Cop standing over me falsely accused me of drinking by saying he smelled alcohol on my breath. I looked at him bloodied on the ground with EMS tending to me and replied, “You’ve been eating donuts, your eyes are glazed. Now get the F outta here.”
    EMS laughed their asses off. In the ambulance, EMS told me that cop was always an a-hole.

  4. Donut guy was obnoxious, but legal. Guy in street clothes was too easily offended. Fat cop (I know, that doesn’t *ahem* narrow it down) pushed donut guy first, there was no assault. Camera guy waded into the middle of the arrest, so him getting pushed and yelled at was OK. Brads’ comment perfectly sums it up.

  5. Really don’t think much of our current law enforcement members but you cannot be a fucking idiot in front of them.
    For the record, I am a member of my counties sheriff association and am proud to support them!

  6. As much as the Coppers severely overreacted, I am so tired of assholes trying to be Y-tube stars. Nothing would make me happier than Johnny Somali getting the living shit kicked out of himself. The kids in Japan should have beat him senseless but didn’t. (look it up)

    The best cop response I saw was of a cop chasing the donut and eating it. It was actually funny.


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