THOUSANDS of Trump Supporters Greet Joe Biden in Pennsylvania

Gateway Pundit:
THOUSANDS of Trump Supporters Greeted Joe Biden in Pennsylvania today.

The Trump supporters lined the streets with Trump flags, US Flags, Distressed US Flags, and “F*ck Joe Biden” signs as he drove by.

The supporters were chanting, “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!…” WATCH

13 Comments on THOUSANDS of Trump Supporters Greet Joe Biden in Pennsylvania

  1. That’s awesome. HOWEVER, at this rate Brain Dead Biden will last a full term with no chance of DJT proclaiming what was stolen from him. And fucking LEO fall in right behind the propaganda. We all need more ammo.

  2. Danger. Superspreaders Insurrecting. Somebody call the local field office of the Nationwide Capitol Police.

  3. “How long until he claims to be an Olympic Gold medal winner?”

    Too bad they don’t have an Olympic Stair Event.

  4. We could have 90% of the country for Trump and the rest of the DNC would still pull it off.

    Fucking RNC is useless with few exceptions.

  5. Olympic Gold medal winner, more like Depends poster child, try to grab a quickie from the dog.
    Did the dog die, or did he know to much?

  6. He also hit a baseball a million feet, he drove a bus during the Civil Rights Era, he marched with MLK himself, its a bird, its a plane, its Superman…

    He is actually a fucking dildo up America’s ass.


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