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Three Events: Connect The Dots If You Dare

ZeroHedge: Things are hurtling down the drain of tyranny in Canada where the government is looking to pass Bill C36 in British Columbia.

This bill “redefines” what informed consent is and provides power to the government to force medicate citizens for any illness while allowing the censorship of anyone that dissents, and, get this — to seize their property and imprison them.

While this is taking place the The College of Physicians and Surgeons in Ontario sent out a memo to all doctors in Ontario suggesting that patients who aren’t jabbed should be considered as folks with a mental-illness and put on psychiatric medication…

Disagreeing with the government’s medical procedures will be deemed a sign of mental illness and the government can “act accordingly.”

I’m not making this isht up.

But wait, that’s not the most insane part. The state has said that some of the details of this bill will “remain undisclosed until the bill has passed.”

Here’s my question. If they are prepared to divulge the details discussed without hiding it, pray tell, what they are unprepared to mention?

Holy shit! To review. They have told us they can seize your property, imprison you if you don’t get their “medication,” and if you dissent, you can be labelled mentally ill and drugged.

No, I’m not kidding. It’s right there in the bill.

What else?
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  1. Seems to me the WEF, NWO, Elites, Ultra Rich, and all the other no good TRAITOROUS BASTARDS out there are stepping up the timeframe and getting more aggressive in force feeding us their agenda. I wish I had a good plan to counter this.

  2. On a related note:

    Turdeau was not really raised by his father who died early and his mother was a stupid tramp. Literally
    Obama, Same shit.
    Macaroni of France, molested by his teacher & married her.
    Jacinda of New Zealand, don’t give enough of a fuck to find out.

    My point is Clause Schwab & Soros find these defective personalities, make them feel important by giving them power, and then they get revenge on Society for their shortcomings & insecurities.

    Remember friends, they come for you one at a time, in numbers, when you are at your weakest. (just a fact)

    I didn’t call it Canuckistan without reason years ago.

  3. Brad,

    Yes. My kids will guaranteed.

    I told my son, “If this country every forces you into the military fuck off to Israel Or the USA. Pick a place where it means something to die for your country.”


    I admire our soldiers, just not those who send them while oppressing Canadians at home. The Liberals have run thin country many more years than the Conservatives HISTORICALLY

  4. If Canadians can’t resolve to do the dirty work to stop this crap, then they deserve it. I’d love to see Trudoh blown to bits live on TV. I’d have great respect for Canadians if that happened.


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