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TikTok is making it VERY popular to be a traditional wife and mother again

Revolver: I’m sure most of you have heard of the term “trad wife.” If not here’s what it means: “Trad wife” is a woman who lives a conservative, Christian lifestyle that adheres to traditional gender roles as outlined in the Bible.

In other words, the “trad wife” is a woman who stays home and takes care of her husband, kids, and the house. Her husband is the king of the castle and he has the final say in all important decisions.

As you can imagine, this type of wholesome lifestyle is kryptonite to modern women, who rebuke the soul of traditionalism and embrace the vast emptiness of  modernity.

And if you listen to men talk lately,  you’ll hear them complain often about today’s women, calling them bossy, aggressive, and lamenting over how they look plastic and fake like the Kardashians.

And they wouldn’t be wrong, would they?

There’s no denying that feminism is dark and angry. These days it’s become far less about so-called “women’s empowerment” and much more about hating men and emasculating them.

And while that’s terrible,  feminism is probably even darker than you realize. Revolver recently did a piece on how feminism is directly linked to Satanism and the occult. MORE

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  1. I’ve been following this Trad wife thing. It’s crazy how pissed the feminists are. They’re foaming at the mouth pissed. This is not acceptable to them and damn it, you just can’t be a Trad wife, or happy. Amazing.

  2. Who knew? The wife better not find out she’s wasted over fifty years of her life in a marriage raising an eye doc and a nurse practitioner. The scary part is her children would then help and protect her if i check out first. That is if she’d let them. They’d know better than to try directing her TV watching.

    She’s going down to FL on Wednesday for a few weeks to help out with the recuperation on the cancer brain surgery. Thanks for the prayers sports fans! Third rare form of cancer and we can’t imagine what could have caused them all. Coincidences! Or something like that… Even his docs told him no more shots/boosters.

  3. The feminists’ harpies brought this upon themselves. They ignored 5 thousand years of culture, they let Cosmopolitan magazine tell them they were beautiful at 300 pounds and don’t let no man tell them otherwise, and they bought the ridiculous notion that men were not only expendable but unnecessary.

    And the guys followed suit, they decided to un-complicate their lives by eighty-sixing drama queens and selfish bitches, and work on themselves instead. So now we have huge percentages of both men and women not having sex, not getting married, and not pro-creating. And the jack-off libs tell us it is all fine, we will just replenish our dwindling population with immigrants and illegal aliens…………….wonderful.

  4. Lol. Since when do feministas care about a conservative woman’s happiness? It seems to me all they try to do is demean women who think differently. What I never understood is why they think we would care about their opinions other than for entertainment value. Curious.

  5. It’s interesting. When I talk about the traditional, Christian role of a woman, people think I’m crazy. It’s something I wholeheartedly believe in, but I though I was the only one in the world. I’m glad to know there are more of us than I thought.

  6. I started out wanting to be a career woman and got a 4 yr BA but then when we moved and later I got pg twice I became stay at home, best years of my life! You never get those young years back with your kids! Parent’s illnesses and various life changes and I never was able to do more than work 5 yrs. at any one thing and so now in retirement I continue part time work but I don’t regret anything except I get no pension. We are doing okay though and I Thank God fo rthe time with the little ones and my supportive husband!

  7. I do recall Ms. Magazine started when I was a SAH mom and that and every other woman’s and mainstream mag featured articles about “Juggling” and sharing chores, finding childcare, learning to “Pump” etc. I used to think I had to do all that stuff because I was bombarded with that info all the time. Around 2008 or so I junked by Newsweek and Time subscriptions and the others as well. An article about James O’Keefe was the memorable kicker which helped me on the way to my non-woke self! Around about 2008 or 09. Returned to my roots BEFORE PT came along as a serious political candidate, though I did enjoy Apprentice watching with the kids, I believe it was on Sunday evenings before school next day? You’re FIRED! We loved him still do

  8. I was influenced by my mom and classmates moms of 50’s and 60’s when almost all moms I knew were at HOME and nothing to be ashamed of. My family only had one automobile though my farmer dad had an old pickup for himself. Lots of mom’s canned and gardened, I never heard my mom to be regretful about not working at all.

  9. Have you all seen reports of “Black Chyna” finding God and her “make under” removing all her silicone injections, etc. and taking on her given name Angela?? There is hope after all!

  10. The Bible explains this phenomenon in Genesis 3:16. The fallen nature of women is to covet male authority. Western society has failed by not raising young women correctly; to be modest, quiet spoken and submissive to their husbands. It is God’s divine order and Feminism is rebellion against Him.

    The Tik Tok videos don’t help. It’s just women putting themselves front and center once again. “Look at me, me, me.”

  11. Never got to any Trad marriage, and the feminist damage done was so profound I couldn’t trust anything female for decades, and now with WOKE piling on top of that, well, I am too old and don’t care anymore. I wish the rest of you much better luck than I have had. Fight the good fight if there is truly anything left to fight for.

  12. I married a Tradwife in 1979, had five children with her, and by the grace of God, still married. She only worked outside the home before our first child. I’ve been fortunate enough to make enough to support the family. The 25 years in the Navy helped with that a lot.

  13. My mom, my mother-in law and almost all the other moms of my friends were stay at home moms back in the 50’s and 60’s. And they all helped to a raise a good bunch of kids during those years. My mom became a teacher, a secretary and did all sorts of volunteer work over the years especially after we were all a little older and we didn’t suffer for it. My mother-in-law was a Nurse and did a very good job with her 9 kids. Of course, it helped that it was far easier to raise kids on our dad’s incomes back then as they all had good jobs. And we never kept up with the Jones’s either. My wife worked but we were able to share raising our 3 kids together and they didn’t suffer any.

  14. I think I have a different definition of a “traditional wife”. Valuing her career or having a say in family matters are not deal breakers. Putting the marriage first in all things, being a helpmate to her husband, embracing her feminity, being the glue that binds the family together, and excelling in the traditional roles of the wife and mom. Husbands want their wives smart, loyal, selfless, and conscientious of their shared goals. And in return, he provides, protects, and cherishes her, and every day he wonders in amazement how he got so lucky.

  15. I worked full time out of college for many years, got married, continued to work but everything changed when we had our son. I was on maternity leave for 9 months, then went back to work and my husband took paternity leave for six months then we hired au pairs. It was so hard when the au pair would call me while I was out on patrol and report on things like, “He took his first steps!”. So I became a “trad wife”. 😁 Then I homeschooled our son K-12. My husband worked hard, long hours with a long commute and I tried to have everything in shape at home so it was a clean, relaxing place to forget about his stressful job as a police dispatcher for a large, busy city. I have absolutely no regrets and the feminazis can wallow in their jealousy and hatred. I don’t care.

  16. Ha! I just changed my profile on Truth to Tradwife.
    I always thought feminism was steeped in jealousy of men.
    In high school in the ’70’s a woman from NOW came to speak. She said one of their goals was to do away with the need for men.

  17. Really? Feminists are coming out of hiding with “Trad wife”? You think they could come up with something with a tad more depth.

    Um, like the fact that “men” are invading all women’s sports? If nothing is done, soon real women will no longer be able to compete in any sporting event.

    I’m surprised that feminists aren’t foaming at the mouth, since ‘men’ are taking away something created by feminism that was solely a women’s realm.

    One can only assume that those in control of feminist organizations are getting paid off enough so they don’t care about the destruction of feminism.


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