Tingles’ Wife Is Running For Congress


Wife Of MSNBC Moron Chris Matthews Is Running For Congress…R U FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME ?!?

kathleen chris matthews

Okay, I’m torn as to where I can begin regarding this, so I’ll just say what’s on my mind. Anyone who would vote for this woman has to be a friggin’ retard, not only is her spiel about the republicans right out of the democrat playbook, but like most hard-core liberals, she wouldn’t know how to do anything but waste the tax payers money on the same old BULLSH*T that got us to an unprecedented national debt of OVER 18 Trillion dollars and counting. Anyone who can say that Barack Obama and the democrats have “helped” this country…need SERIOUS psychological help immediately ! more

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  1. While it’s been held by a Democrat since 2002 prior to that it was held by a Republican so it seems that the seat can swing and when it does, it stays swung for a long time. The current incumbent is running for a Senate seat held by a retiring Democrat. Anyway, if the GOP can find a decent candidate this could be a take-away as there won’t be the Obama factor in play.

  2. She used to be the anchor for an ABC affiliate here in DC formeons and is one of the most annoying people on the planet so I see what she and Tinkles have in common.

    BTW she another one who had the nickname of Kneepads Kate. Must be a prerequisite for working in the media.

  3. Her whole statement was one big DNC talking-point lie. The middle class is much worse off after 8-years of Hope N’ Change. Family income is down, what around 7K a year? Health insurance skyrocketed due to 0bamaCare. 90-million people – 56-million of them women – are OUT of the workforce (or, what’s left of it). Now, the EPA is killing high-paying jobs in coal and is ready to drive up utility bills.

    To cite a famous rapper: “Bitch be crayyy-zy! Yo.” She proved it herself when she tied the knot with Tingles.

  4. Family income is down, what around 7K a year?

    I make about $20 less per hour than before Gay Barry. And prices are rising all the time due to the federal reserve paper inflation.

    So yeah, she’s full of shit.

  5. Hi Charlie. No, I suspect that there are a lot of good, conservative Republicans out there but like up here there’s a lot of establishment types that figure getting a nomination means more like whose turn is it next rather then the best person. That seat has been held by the Dems for so long it could be tailor made for a real conservative as the establishment types gave up and moved on. It would be tough but doable.

  6. Megan Kelly’s first question. To her should be “How many abortions have you and your daughter had and which one of you had the most recent one, and did you get a cut of the profit of the sale of the crunchy stuff?”

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