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To Restore Election Integrity, End Mail-In Vote Fraud

American Thinker: In the recent presidential election, Wisconsin had a high turnout, 72.3 percent, of which Joseph Biden took 49.6 percent — 250,000 more votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016 — and enough to win.  For a candidate whose rallies virtually no one attended, and whose political party, in response to recent rioting and looting, was passive, that’s pretty good.  Or is it?

The answer to that may depend on the kind of ballots that were cast — whether they were cast in person or through the mail.  Frank Miele  describes the process of the first:

[Y]ou first make an active choice to vote, confirm your identity as a registered voter to a poll worker, then mark your ballot privately but in the presence of other people, and finally hand it off to a poll worker who scans it directly into a vote-counting machine while you watch.  In other words, you establish your legal right to vote and have a secure chain of custody of your ballot until it is scanned, which you yourself [and you alone] participate in.

Adam Liptak of the N.Y. Times reports on a portion of mail-in voting:

The [election] board tossed out some ballots because they arrived without the signature required on the outside of the return envelope.  It rejected one that said “see inside” where the signature should have been.  And it debated what to do with ballots in which the signature on the envelope did not quite match the one in the county’s files.


7 Comments on To Restore Election Integrity, End Mail-In Vote Fraud

  1. Before you can restore election integrity you have to prove it has been lost.

    That means presenting the hard evidence in court to prove your case, something everybody claims to have and will be doing someday.

    But when is that someday, and will it ever actually come?

    So far, only Sidney Powell has made a statement, that the evidence will be presented this week, so only Sidney Powell has put her credibility on the line. If it is not forthcoming THIS WEEK then I will no longer going believe her or that she has it or that her claims are valid. I notice the Trump team seems to be trying to distance themselves from her, do they not believe her credibility and want to stay away from association with her?

    I say it’s time to either put up or shut up, so far no one has actually put forth any forensic or other hard evidence that will stand up in court even though they claim to have huge amounts of it.

    So either do it or quit stirring the pot. Conspiratorial suspicions and doubts do our nation no good, no good at all.

  2. ” And none of them are going to show evidence to the media anyway.”

    So far they haven’t shown it to the Courts or the public or to anyone else either.

    I have a hard time believing in evidence I am not allowed to see based solely on someone telling me about it without pointing to it for me to verify.

    So will the Courts, and the majority of the public.

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