Today would’ve been Admin Girl’s Birthday

Happy Birthday in Heaven. Miss you.

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32 Comments on Today would’ve been Admin Girl’s Birthday

  1. Never had the pleasure of meeting her but did exchange a couple of nice e-mails, many years ago when Mrs. Enraged and I started reading this site. I got instantly infatuated with her voice from that wonderful clip she did about “Oil of Obama”, again many years ago. I remember trying to get FUR and the other powers that be here to record her reading from a telephone book and linking it…
    Fur has told me that she was a wonderful musical talent.
    Big Loss!
    Happy Birthday in absentia, Admin Girl!

  2. I too never had the pleasure, but have read BFH’s words on her, and she seems like a simply lovely, wonderful human being. I hope to one day meet up with her.

    Happy birthday, Admin Girl xxx

  3. C’mon man. I’m not gonna’ post the hilarious emails I sent her in response to various complaints over the years. People here think I’m a troll or furby or some other nordic fairytale creature. Why confirm their bias?

    The point is, the lady was fun and hardly ever banned me for more than a day or so at a time. She had integrity. Unlike todays users of this site who befriend me. I mean…. the hell is wrong with you people? I’m me. I have to live with that. But you people who LIKE me…..?

    Frankly I’m disgusted at your tolerance for evil and figure your lax attitudes is what is sending this country down the tubes.

    But yeah, Admin girl. Smart cookie and kinda’ hott. I’ll miss gently poking her with a stick covered in fire ants.

  4. Admin Girl…always loved seeing her avatar pop up in the comments. Miss her – but have a feeling that eye is looking down on us from a much better place. Happy Birthday to a person I never met, but feel like I would’ve gotten along with, greatly.

  5. Happy Birthday AdminGirl!

    @Burr – she and I also had some hilarious email exchanges, but she never banned me.

    You? I can understand. 🙂

    Love ya!

  6. @Fur – We all love and appreciate the eye watching over all of us.

    Do you have a shot of her lips avatar to share with newer visitors?

  7. Great lady.
    She musta had a terrific sense of humor to deal with Hat, Curtain, Pinko, et al – not to mention the commentors on this site.
    Lots of technical problems in the old days – loss of servers(?), &c. – and she handled it all with aplomb.

  8. Ms. Lady… admin girl would email me. I didn’t even know what was in the email. I would just start shaking with laughter. Each email was always the same. “You’re appreciated….but”. So I would then do everything in my power to turn a simple, friendly request into THE END OF THE FUGGIN WORLD!!!!!!

    By the third email I usually got banned for the day.

    Which was great because then she’d send me an email explaining why I got banned and apologize.

    And then we’d do the whole thing over again.


    good times…..


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