PP Teaming Up With Satanist In Missouri

With some of the strictest code of operations in the country, abortion clinics in Missouri have been shuttering their doors in recent years. Down to just one, Planned Parenthood is now being helped by the Satanic Temple in court as it seeks a relaxation of the higher standards. With a federal court siding with PP in April, they will soon be opening a second abortion clinic in the state.





8 Comments on PP Teaming Up With Satanist In Missouri

  1. ⭐ BLOOD MAGIC ⭐

    I’m sure to do their rituals, PP willingly gives Satanists what they ask for, for a price of course, some people need to buy a Lamborghini.

  2. this is not good PR for PP. Is planned parenthood so desperate they need to join with Satanist? Our country’s forefathers are rolling over in their graves.

  3. Planned Parenthood (?) and satanists are (and have been) in lock step from the very beginning.
    Death will be their eternal reward.

  4. They are the most natural of allies. I would say, lets spread this story far and wide; but, nothing really shocks anymore. Sadly, the normalization of deviancy is almost complete.

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