Tom Fitton calls for a criminal investigation of the Mueller team

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton, author of ‘A Republic Under Assault,’ joins Lou Dobbs with insight on ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight.’

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  1. …not that it’s not a wonderful idea, but so far the Deep State hasn’t proven great at investigating itself, as the fact that NOT ONE SINGLE DEMOCRAT IS BEHIND BARS FOR TREASON can attest…

  2. Here I am once again saying Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch has done more to expose government corruption and wrongdoing than any other organization. Bill Barr and our DOJ is as useless as sandpaper in an outhouse.

  3. Let’s be realistic. How long has Barr been in Washington? Isn’t he a good friend of Mueller and probably other swamp dwellers? Which side could give him more grief, Trump or the swamp?

  4. If it is demonstrated that Barr and Durham are part of the deep state, they deserve nothing less than execution for treason by the people of this nation. The wisdom of Thomas Jefferson has come to fruition.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Personally, at 68, I am in poor health. But I would willingly take up arms and give my life to fight a civil war for my beloved country.

  5. I agree with Fitton that the only way to put a crack in the dam is to attack from the outside. The DOJ is far too riddled with corrupt insiders to have any effect the way Barr is pretending to operate.

  6. “Law is merely an ‘arcanum dominatus,’ a means for the stabilization of power.”

    “The realm which they should guard (Justice), the fact is,
    T’is devastated by their hands.”

    “What’s truth to you? Illusion bare
    Surrounds and rules you everywhere.”

    They (Gov’t, Media, Academia, Madison Ave., Wall St., &c.) have produced a fog of mendacity and confusion. Sadly, by the time Fitton cuts through the crap (the bureaucracies tend to insulate), America has been distracted by another abomination.

    I will not hold my breath waiting for “justice.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Running out the clock. America needs to arm up and take our government back. Enough BS. What’s with nothing, zip hitting the fan by now??

  8. My sincere hope is that the arrests are being held until after Trump’s Re-election. Imagine how the media & democrats would act and claim that a coup was being engineered if the perp walks were happening just before the election.

    One can only hope but for now the big picture item is to get your President term #2.

    Arresting the opposition would look like 3rd world politics.

    or in modern terminology “Shit Hole” politics.

  9. If Hillary still isn’t in jail, you really think anyone in the Mueller’s team are going to the big house anytime soon?

    Leo, thoughts and prayers to you. 🕊️❤️🙏 and I would fight for my country too.

  10. What to expect from this:

    1. Many outraged republican politicians making sound bytes about this on TV and radio talk shows.

    2. Further citations of this lawlessness in GOP fundraising mailers and social media ads.

    3. A scathing IG report detailing the clear obstruction of justice involved in this handling of the cell phones by the Mueller team.

    4. Zero prosecutions, zero significant career consequences, and massive amounts of fuck-all and jack fucking shit in regards to holding anyone accountable for this fucking lawless, deep state bullshit.

  11. Leo J MacGillivray understands. They don’t fear us. We fear them. Like it or not, you are a slave.


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