Tom Steyer Spends $2 Million To Force Renewables On Michigan Customers


Michigan residents will likely be paying more for their electricity after a well-funded ballot initiative prompted the state’s largest utilities to adopt higher renewable energy usage.

On Friday, DTE Energy and Consumers Energy — Michigan’s two biggest utility companies — announced a compromise with a ballot committee to dramatically increase their renewable portfolio standards. DTE and Consumers have agreed to establish a goal of at least 50 percent clean energy by 2030, which includes a pledge that 25 percent of their electricity sales originate from renewable sources by that same year. In return, Clean Energy, Healthy Michigan will essentially drop its campaign to require at least 30 percent of a provider’s electricity sales come from renewable energy by 2030.

The agreement raises the bar for electricity providers in Michigan. Under the state’s current mandate, utilities were expected to reach 15 percent renewable energy by the end of 2021.

9 Comments on Tom Steyer Spends $2 Million To Force Renewables On Michigan Customers

  1. Renewable sources, wind and solar, are not reliable. Also, the wind power farms are both a terrible eyesore and kill huge numbers of birds. Large scale solar arrays destroy soil and kill bird and ground dwelling creatures too. They are far worse in terms of animal death than coal and oil combined.

  2. More liberal mandates being forced onto the general public because, you know…. It’s good for you. You’re just too dumb to know any better.

  3. renewable ain’t ready
    and RICHARD P. is right.
    Look into what wind & solar equip.
    factories Steyer has interest in ???

  4. I wonder what stock this rotten bastard is holding? This prick has interfered with pipeline discussions through fake political groups as well as frauds like this one he’s set up and has cost both of our countries billions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of jobs. Somebody ought to mention to an Iranian Mullah that he’s threatening Iranian oil sales and maybe he’ll get a fatwa issued against him.


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