TONIGHT! Wednesday 8:00pm EST – THE U.S. & EH?! SHOW w/ @Mr_Pinko & @MikeNordstrom3

TONIGHT! Wednesday 8:00pm EST – THE U.S. & EH?! SHOW w/ @Mr_Pinko & @MikeNordstrom3

Wednesday May 15, 2019
Call in #323 870-3371 – 8:00pm – 10:00pm EST

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20 Comments on TONIGHT! Wednesday 8:00pm EST – THE U.S. & EH?! SHOW w/ @Mr_Pinko & @MikeNordstrom3

  1. Can’t believe they’ll go with Sleepy Joe…

    Polls or no polls, too much dirt out there on him and they know it.

    One more recent on Crazy Joe,

    It was ONE COMMANDMENT until Moses being jewish asked how much for this commandment?

    God said it was free…

    Moses said “Free, I’ll take ten!”

  2. I got a bone to pick with Blog talk radio…Spreaker has an app and tell me when you guys are going on. With Blog talk, I don’t know if you guys are live unless I check IOTWREPORT.COM or TruLock.

    I missed the first half-hour.

  3. Canada has the most highly educated population in the world yet consumes the greatest majority of mac n’ cheese on earth.

    Seems like you guys should pick or the other if you want to be taken seriously.

  4. …but Spreaker doesn’t allow phone calls…
    Mr. Pinko we agree about Steven Crowder’s Bernie imppression, sounds more like Gilbert Godfreid! 😆

  5. Thank you Captain USA for correcting the soundboard volume! It was blowing out my ears!

    Oh wait, that one was too low! Captain USA is your engineer…and he is spot on!

  6. did little robbie get a lollipop for being a good boy at his haircut?
    If so, I hope they showed him how they work

  7. Hopefully you won’t cut my eloquent speech during the first half hour. That’s why it was the best half hour ever broadcast in radio.

    Admittedly it was only 23 minutes long, but still the predictions alone are worth the reply!

  8. Hey Mr. Pinko for got to tell you how much I enjoyed “New Day in America’ with Bill Schereck.” tried to get back to you tonight, but failed.
    Also appreciate you recommending “The Green Book.” Been there.


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