Toronto Shooting: What They’re Not Telling You

It’s only mental illness if they’re not white.

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  1. Anybody who thinks that these people are here to embrace western culture and blend into it is a delusional moron.
    The politicians are allowing a corrosive and destructive element to take root and establish radical enclaves in the heart of the the country. This is not unlike purposely placing cancer cells in organs of the body.

  2. Sorry to resurrect a post over two weeks old.
    And I apologize for the forthcoming caps-lock.
    And I guess I’m not surprised Watson missed this, along with everyone else, because deciding to not report relevant facts is an art form these days.

    Do you know what that is? It’s the stuff that the Russians used to deal with the RoPer’s in the Moscow Theater hostage situation. They oops-ied and wound up killing 125 of the hostages with it.

    Purchase price of that much of the drug is estimated at 100 million dollars. What they had was enough to kill everyone in the US 65 times over. So who fronted them the money? What was the plan? I’m all for national security – in this case, it’s a matter of continental security – but now the cat’s out of the bag, I think people should be made aware so perhaps, just maybe, they would take the threat of islam, terror, and the consequences they intend for all us seriously.

    BTW, current export is by way of China.


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