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Toyota Chief Says ‘Silent Majority’ Has Doubts About Pursuing Only EVs

BURIRAM, Thailand— Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda said he is among the auto industry’s silent majority in questioning whether electric vehicles should be pursued exclusively, comments that reflect a growing uneasiness about how quickly car companies can transition.Auto makers are making big bets on fully electric vehicles, investments that have been bolstered by robust demand for the limited numbers of models that are now available.Still, challenges are mounting—particularly in securing parts and raw materials for batteries—and concerns have emerged in some pockets of the car business about the speed to which buyers will make the shift, especially as EV prices have soared this year.

“People involved in the auto industry are largely a silent majority,” Mr. Toyoda said to reporters during a visit to Thailand. “That silent majority is wondering whether EVs are really OK to have as a single option. But they think it’s the trend so they can’t speak out loudly.”While major rivals, including General Motors Co. and Honda Motor Co. , have set dates for when their lineups will be all-EV, Toyota has stuck to a strategy of investing in a diverse lineup of vehicles that includes hydrogen-powered cars and hybrids, which combine batteries with gas engines. more

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  1. EVs aren’t green, there aren’t enough raw materials to make enough batteries for everyone and even if there were the electrical grid isn’t capable of charging them. Other than that it’s all good.

  2. Car companies are like doctors.

    They KNOW what the government is demanding is pure bullshit, but they ALSO know which side their financial and regulatory bread is buttered on.

    They will comply.

  3. He knows that abandoning ICEs is corporate and by extension national suicide. The Asian miracles were driven by intensive governmental interference. What he is stating is that that same government interference is set to destroy Asia’s (minus China) industrial might.

    The only country set to benefit from this idiocy is China. It provides the bulk of all EV components and it will be the only manufacturer of ICEs and ICE driven vehicles.

    The Great Reset is mass murder/suicide perpetrated by a well-placed minority. They are assuring there can be no going back, once the propaganda-blinded plebes wake up and figure out the grim reality.

    We will drink the kool-aid. There will be no alternatives. That is the plan, anyway.

    I applaud Mr. Toyoda for speaking his mind. I hope it becomes a trend … but I have always been full of false hopes.

  4. “Toyota Chief Says ‘Silent Majority’ Has Doubts About Pursuing Only EVs ”

    No shit. Maybe that has something to do with the fact that WE CAN’T PRODUCE ENOUGH ELECTRICITY TO CHARGE THEM ALL.
    That’s an easy fact to prove and I’m sure Toyota Inc went there first.

  5. The list of roadblocks and issues that make the Green Weenie Deal an impossible dream is lengthy. So the obvious answer to these (hidden as best they can) shortcomings is to reduce demand by 50-75%. Guess what the plan is for that.

  6. It’s the hipster doofuses who are stepping on each other’s throat to pay $50k over sticker. Once that nonsense dries up, coal burning cars are going to be the same lousy margins as gasoline burning cars. It’s a mad dash to capitalize on the frenzy of hipster doofuses that can’t spend their money fast enough, then what? Then it’s onto people who can not afford them (or live in an area that it doesn’t make any sense) and will turn 3/4 the country into Cuba that keeps classic cars on the road. The enviroweenies won’t like that and come up with cash-for-gas cars to entice these people into coal burning cars before making gas cars illegal all together. But I have faith that something will happen before now and then that will allow gas cars on the road for at least the rest of my life, then Gen-Zers can stew in their misery after I’m gone and the trend will shift and these goofs will seek out classic car collections and pay $500k for an elusive uncrushed 2010 Honda Accord just because it’s not coal burning as they marvel at technology past.

  7. I keep having this dream where Electric cars were invented first and for 100 years we’ve been struggling to figure out where to get all the electricity needed to run them, what to do with all the waste, pollution and junkyard fires when all of a sudden someone invents this new-fangled device called the Internal Combustion Engine!
    Finally a solution!
    The world beats a path to its door!

  8. Common sense over the hew and cry of glow ball warming. I’ll keep my 20 year old Toyota pickup probably forever. No TV, no tracking devices, and incredible reliability. Gas -electric hybrids make sense. Electric only doesn’t.

    Oh – what ever happened to Jamie’s cartoons with Obama’s fly and the no-bell prize? Yeah, I’ve been lurking for a while….

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