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  1. “I told you not to touch me unless I give you the okay. There’s a reason you sleep on the couch. I swear, it is so hard being the smart one in this relationship.”

  2. AOC’s soy fiance is a good puppy dog following the alpha bitch who’s in heat, only to be admonished when attempting to close the deal.
    He better know his place, be obedient or a new puppy dog will take his place.

  3. I pity the poor bastard.

    Reminds me of the old joke about Hillary and Rush.

    One day Hillary gets on an elevator with Rush Limbaugh. After the door closes she flops down and says “Rush, make a woman out of me”…..

    he immediately takes off his shirt, hands it to her and responds “Ligh starch”.

  4. This IS your average progressive liberal couple. That video puts a smile on my face because it affirms these two have every bit of happiness they deserve headed their way. Just wait until the rug rats arrive. If he’s physically capable that is. Notice how far his ears stick out off the side of his head. I think the guy might be a Lesbian.

  5. “fiance”…Didn’t they get engaged a couple of years ago? Not looking good for the big fella. But Frmocrat women do like to drag these things out while they weigh their options.

    I think Jon Ossoff was “engaged” for a decade, and he didn’t seal the deal until he got frauded into the Senate. Maybe AOC’s cuck-in-training needs to make a name for himself before she’ll marry him. Or maybe he should man up and dump her tiresome ass.

  6. I understand his thinking. She’s stolen a lot of money since she slithered into office, but is it worth waking up next to what amounts to a potted plane every day? Just staple that checkbook to her forehead to remind yourself why you’re there.

  7. She was responding to and reacting to the guy behind them, not her companion. This is sloppy projection and reporting. We need to do better. Don’t try to make situations what they obviously aren’t. Let the leftist idiots do that so we can ridicule them for it. They burn with a white fire when they are ridiculed. They have no shame, so they cannot be shamed. But laughing at them, scorn. derision, this has power.


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