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Truckers Sue to Delay NYC Congestion Pricing

Newsmax: The Trucking Association of New York has filed a lawsuit hoping to delay New York City’s new congestion pricing plan.

The lawsuit, filed Thursday in federal court in Manhattan, claims it would unfairly charge vans and trucks $36 per trip during peak hours which would then be passed on to local businesses and consumers, The New York Times reported.

“We’re not pushing back on the overall program,” Kendra Hems, the group’s president, told the Times. “It’s simply the way that trucks are being targeted.”

The Metropolitan Transit Authority’s congestion pricing plan, aimed at easing some of the worst traffic in the nation, will charge passenger cars $15 per day to enter a congestion zone below 61st Street in Manhattan during peak period and $3.75 overnight. Vehicles would only be charged once each day. It is scheduled to go into effect June 30.

Trucks would pay $24 or $36 depending on their size during the peak period, and $6 and $8 overnight, respectively. more

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  1. New York seems bound and determined to run everyone out of town. When the trucks stop running hunger will become a great motivator for all types of behavior. Liberals just don’t see the big picture, are incapable of rational thought and seem oblivious to reality.

  2. New York City is a shit hole place, and I have the utmost distain for those liberal morons. If they have to pay more to get food and clothes and dry goods that is great! Those liberal morons should pay $500 per truckload, $500 for each non-electric truck and $500 more to support the illegals living better than our veterans. I’d throw in another $500 for posterity. I think an extra $2000 per truckload would sit very well with their mentality of illegal first and fuck you to the rest

  3. Get rid of the gasoline, diesel and natural gas. That will get rid of those pesky trucks. After all the people of New York can get their food from the stores.

  4. @Heatsync — After reading @geoff’s comment, I took a look at the map of NYC and surroundings to see just how much work it would be to isolate it. Not just shutting off deliveries, but also shutting off escape. Then I came back here and found your comment, and just want to say we’d want to be sure to keep Snake Plissken out of the picture!

    As for isolating the place, it looks fairly simple for a suitably sized military group. Shut down all tunnels and bridges on the Hudson from the Tappan Zee south. Oh. Sorry. That’s the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge. Then decide whether to cut off Staten Island or not (maybe not). If we use I-287 as a barrier over to I-95, that takes care of the northern limit. After that, given the geography, we might as well lock up off of Long Island if for no other reason it would be simple.

    Then they all can go fish.

  5. “The Metropolitan Transit Authority’s congestion pricing plan, aimed at easing some of the worst traffic in the nation.”

    They think traffic is bad now, just wait until they issue drivers licenses to all those millions of “newcomers “.

  6. You’d only have to stop half the delivery trucks to Hunts Point Terminal Market to make NYC suffer greatly.
    A blockage of the GW bridge would complete the process.
    It would take those idiots weeks to re-route deliveries. By that time, the ghettos would be burning.

  7. Corruption, plain and simple.
    It won’t ease congestion by a single whatever it is they measure or define as congestion.

    Pure, unadulterated theft.
    But, seeing as Sandy O’Cortez was elected from that sewer, they’re getting exactly what they demand.
    “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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