Canada: Trudeau Government Lawyer Shredded In Court Attempting To Defend Carbon Tax

SpencerFernando: In a stunning exchange during Ontario’s legal challenge to the Trudeau Carbon Tax, a federal lawyer for the Trudeau government was shredded as she attempted to defend the tax.

The lawyer was forced to admit that Ontario’s carbon emissions have gone down 22% over the past 14 years, all without a federal carbon tax in place.

After that admission was made, the judge – Justice MacPherson – responded:

“We don’t care how they achieve it, they’ve achieved reductions of 22%. Why don’t you just leave them alone?”



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Thanks Justin: Gas Prices Just Had Their Biggest Monthly Increase In Over A Decade.

With Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax walloping Canadians, and his anti-energy industry policies devastating our economy, the cost of living has surged once again.

Core inflation was up to 1.97%, far above the prediction of 1.8% made by economists.

And when it comes to gas prices, the price has surged massively.

6 Comments on Canada: Trudeau Government Lawyer Shredded In Court Attempting To Defend Carbon Tax

  1. “It’s about gouging Canadians for revenue, and Ontario’s large population makes it a huge source of revenue”

    Yup! And that’s what the whole”Green”movement is about. It’s a HUGE revenue grab that pays the organizers fabulously well! It’s just Socialism painted Green!!

  2. Because it isn’t about saving the world. It’s about milking the public and having absolute control over them.


  3. Under Turdeau, Canada’s economy flatlined last year. Zero growth. It’s a warning of what could happen here if people like AOC get executive power and run their Green New Deal.


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