Trump: Anybody That Is Opposed to Hillary Clinton Is a Russian Agent

( – Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is accusing everyone of being a Russian asset, but her recent accusation against Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) probably helped the congresswoman like it ended up helping the Trump administration, President Donald Trump said Monday during a cabinet meeting.

Trump began the meeting by urging Democrats to vote on the United States Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA), adding that his administration has done other trade deals, including one with South Korea.

“We’ve done South Korea, which is a fantastic deal for us. It turned out even better than we thought. South Korea was a terrible deal. The person in charge of that particular deal, Hillary Clinton. You’ve heard of her. She’s the one that’s accusing everybody of being a Russian agent. Anybody that is opposed to her is a Russian agent. So that’s a scam that was pretty much put down,” he said.

“Tulsi — I don’t know Tulsi, but she’s not a Russian agent. I don’t know Jill Stein. I know she likes environment. I don’t think she likes Russians. If she does like them, I know she’s not an asset. She called her an ‘asset’ of Russia. These people are sick. There’s something wrong with them,” Trump said. read more

12 Comments on Trump: Anybody That Is Opposed to Hillary Clinton Is a Russian Agent

  1. Gotta calls ’em likes ya sees ’em…..

    “The first stage in the corruption of morals is the banishment of truth …”

    Michel de Montaigne

  2. My grandmother was from Russia. I guess I’m a russian asset.

    Hey, so is Oleg Atbashian from the!

  3. She’s offered her magnificent leadership as a gift to the american people and can’t understand why it’s not greatly appreciated.
    She’s determined to make them see even if she has to kill every last one of them.

  4. I see where Clinton spokeshole Nick Merrill is trying to retcon his psycho boss’s drunken blurt:

    “On Friday, the NYT did a piece about a podcast Secretary Clinton did with David Plouffe. They incorrectly quoted her saying that the “Russians” were “grooming” a candidate running in the Democratic primary. They rightfully fixed it to reflect that she was taking about the GOP.”

    Yeah, that’ll work, Nick. You’re giving an unbelievable amount of credit to the Stupid Party.

  5. If the Russians really did prevent Hillary from getting elected, then we should all say, “Thank you Russia!”

  6. She will becoming round the election when she comes,
    She will be driving six white horses when she comes,
    She will be wearing her red diaper when she comes
    Oh the Lizard Queen is running
    The Lizard Queen is running
    Satan will be hiding when she comes…

  7. Someone has to remove that Russia chip from Hillary’s brain. Meanwhile, she reminds me of one of those creepy dolls with the pull string on her back.


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