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Trump Calls for Megyn Kelly’s Removal as Moderator

FOX Response:

“Megyn Kelly has no conflict of interest. Donald Trump is just trying to build up the audience for Thursday’s debate, for which we thank him.”

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23 Comments on Trump Calls for Megyn Kelly’s Removal as Moderator

  1. Given her assistance in promoting the National Review attack on him Thursday night, I’d say he’s making a reasonable demand.

  2. Fox News: Admit nothing, deny everything, and make counter accusations.

  3. Fox plays along by politely declining, as all involved parties realize this pseudo-controversy will likely boost viewers just to watch “the fireworks.” Clever move.

    Theater. All of it.

  4. Well Donald, if they don’t remove her and she asks you a question, don’t answer. Just stare at her until blood comes out of her eye, or somewhere.

  5. Damn, I’d watch if I had a teevee.

  6. Because of Donald Trump’s bias against Megyn Kelly he should be kept out of the debates.

  7. Trump will stand his ground.

    The question is: Will it be to the left or right?

    He “was” right, then he quit the GOP because they were too far to the right. Then he became a democrat and then quit because they were too far to the left. Now he’s portraying himself to the right again.

    Which Trump will show up?

    If he’s to the right during the debates and campaign, will he govern to the left if elected? Or will he ignore principle, be the master negotiator and become a centrist?

    Or as many have stated, it doesn’t matter as long as he wins under the colors of the GOP.

    Which Trump will Govern?

  8. I thought Trump vowed not to go on foxnews anymore? Did he walk that back? The Trump I know NEVER backs down and is going to put a big, beautiful door in his wall so that we can continue to have immigrants from Mexico

  9. What a charming variation on the old “he might not keep his campaign promises!” schtick.

    I have the same concerns about Cruz due to immigration, visas, citizenship and just about *everything* related to USA business/economy due to the Trans Pacific Trade Deal.

    I think that’s more important.

  10. If Romney had demanded Crowley be absent, it might have changed the 2012 race. All it took was 5 minutes of chaos.

  11. This is a one issue election —IMMIGRATION. Trump SHOULD male good on his word and decline to appear. What a message that would send to the media.!!

  12. @Czar

    Shtick? Meaning… gimmick?

    It’s a “gimmick” to question political candidates when they’ve changed their stance on issues, policies and core values?

    Well then, I stand corrected and will not question any candidate’s waffling or flip flops.
    I’ll just ignore what they said yesterday and blindly believe what I’m told today….. hoping the candidate won’t change again tomorrow. (did you see hope and change used in the same sentence?)

    By the way,” if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”…..and your insurance will be cheaper too.
    Or — ” I’ll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.”

    Now that was a shtick.

  13. Anyone else tired of how the political parties handle these *ahem* debates? Our political system is a joke, and Trump has the power to change it. Stomp on them Donald, until blood comes out of all of their “whatevers”. And any other candidate with balls should join him, maybe Paul, he shows a mean streak.

  14. That won’t stop you. You obviously have Internet access. It will be streaming live somewhere, like all the other debates.

  15. Right, I agree, a paid shill is much more important and valuable than a Presidential candidate!

  16. In your post, replace “Trump” with “Conservatives”. 😉

  17. That would be Tuesday for a hamburger today.

  18. Doesn’t matter – Conservatives have flipped on us way too many times. This is why Trump leads.

  19. All Trump did with that tweet was (to use an analogy) get a better grip in the arm wrestling match. He’s not a dummy.

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