Trump Fires Back At Jindal’s Assault…

Trump Fires Back At Jindal’s Assault…

…but when Jindal responded to Trump with another insult, Jindal managed to injure himself pretty badly.

People, please… For the love of comedic insults, learn how to make them properly.

Here’s how it went down:

Jindal: …Trump “looks like he’s got a squirrel sitting on his head”.

[Tweet] I only respond to people that register more than 1% in the polls. I never thought he had a chance and I’ve been proven right.

[Tweet] Bobby Jindal did not make the debate stage and therefore I have never met him….

[Tweet] I’m disappointed. Is this the best you can do? Are you suffering from low energy today?

[Tweet] We have met. You wrote a check. A fool & his money are soon parted. A fool & his dad’s money are parted sooner.

Ohhhhh duuuuude, noooo!
Did you catch that? Jindal said Trump wrote him a check. And then he said “A fool & dad’s money are parted sooner.”

So, Bobby, you’re saying Trump’s a fool for donating to you?
Bless your heart. Honey, when you light a match, don’t hold on to it too long.

4 facepalms rating

I give this whole episode 4 Facepalms.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of any or all canidates, no squirrels were harmed, call your mother- she worries.

Snip: Story at DailySurge

34 Comments on Trump Fires Back At Jindal’s Assault…

  1. @MJA 🙂

    I have to give Jindal 2 snarks for saying that Trump looks like he has a squirrel sitting on his head. That made me giggle.

    I can’t help it but Trump reminds me of Scut Farkus…but I don’t think any of the GOP or Dems will beat him up in a snowy back alley.

  2. This needs to go down in a cage match. There is no other way to find our person. Full on contact no protection.

  3. Had he stopped at : “I’m disappointed. Is this the best you can do? Are you suffering from low energy today?”

    Everything would have been okay. But nope. Haha.

  4. I hope Jindal didn’t hire some one to fail on Twitter for him.

    Go after someone or their family because they have money really doesn’t win any points among winners.

  5. We don’t deserve this bullshit on the anniversary of 9/11. or any time, for that matter.
    On the one side we have a congenital liar and traitor, an avowed socialist, a buffoon, and a pussy.. On the other side we have sharp people who are making asses of themselves with schoolyard , shitty remarks. Grow up for fuck sake!

    I’m still with Trump but I can’t believe his remarks. WTF?
    I’m also with Cruz,Carson and Walker.

    I’ve flushed the others.

  6. “Ah well, we wish him well. One wonders what would have become of his run if Trump hadn’t suddenly grabbed a chokehold on the GOP race.”

    Perry would have dropped out, regardless. And the GOP elites only want Yeb! or Romney. So the question was pointless.

    People need to stop pretending that ALL candidates don’t talk shit about each other. Like him or not, at least Trump does it to your face, not hidden in the GOP closet like Republican-elite choices love to do.

  7. They’re just doing what they’re told. And it’s making them really small.
    Soon, the 16 candidates will fit in one space on an ice cube tray. Way to go GOP !

  8. It’s an offensive maneuver by Trump. If they’re on their heels they’re not on the attack. Nothing personal. It’s just business.

  9. Thanks for the update. I’ve been curious. SO I guess the F yo Flag group is a bunch of pussies too. Maybe they were sayen F Yo Fag. I don’t do ebonics well.

  10. It is rapidly approaching the point at which I am all in for Trump. The man does not take shit off anybody and the shit he has shown me he will not take one damn bit of is coming from the eRepublicans.

    He is the man who will keep the eRepublicans on the reservation if elected by jerking a knot in as mane sorry eRepublican asses as it takes to get the message through their thick skulls.

    I had a reputation for being “a mean little fucker” when I was younger because I would fight anyone who called me out at the drop of a hat. I didn’t start ant shit, but I also didn’t walk away from shit either.

    I am not going to lie and say that I never woke up the next morning looking like I had been run through a washing machine, BUT, and this is a big but, I would fight the son of a bitch again who tore my ass up, in a heartbeat, and few if any ever wanted a second piece if me because I had hurt them… bad enough to make a lasting impression.

    My brother said to a couple of people: “Don’t call him out, he is fucking mean and he don’t know quit. He fights dirty, he bites in the clinches and he will flatout go midevil on your ass. He doesn’t know what planet he is on once the puck is dropped or maybe if he does he doesn’t care. If it is a fist fight your face will be cut up and if you go to ground with him and you are getting the better of him he will bite a piece of flesh out of you and then laugh about it.”

    I would too.

    I didn’t start any shit, but if it was a bar fight you wanted I would make certain that I didn’t have to put that fire out a second time before I let up.

    I have not been in a bar in a decade and have not fought in twenty-five years. But people around Tacoma still know not to fuck with me.

    This Donald Trump doesn’t take shit. This Donald Trump has also said, in no uncertain terms where he will LEAD the Republican Party. He is not going to stand around and let the likes of Lindsay Graham or John McCain or Lemar Alexandar make him look a Goddamned fool. He is going to take the bull by the balls and let those four-flushing cocksuckers know who is boss.

    So far this Donald Trump is listening and responding to his customers. He is a successful businessman and I was in Retail. Politics is the ultimate retail, if you want to succeed in Retail you are not going to get there by telling your customers that they have to buy what you have on the shelf today.

    There is something about Trump that scares the piss out of progressives, he is listening and responding. He is satisfying his customer base and he is telling independent minded people that it is OK now to be independent minded. There is a candidate who will respond to the mass opinion of Americans instead of cooking up a plan to make it seem like your plan is his plan.

    Hell, I offered for sale merchandise that I would never buy. And that is because there was a demand for it. OK fine, if that is what you want I will provide that, if it will make me a successful retail manager. The objective here is to get you to take money out of your pocket and put it in the cash register up front. Not for me to satisfy my ego (I sold firearms and shooting & hunting accessories and no one reading this can say that egos are not responsible for chasing away customers in that market). Where I succeeded was in accepting the fact that many customers wanted certain merchandise, and it was my objective to make my pay check as big as possible.

    Trump understands that politics can be a free market and as the consummate capitalist he is listening to what we have been saying about letting the market decide AND instead of letting Hollywood and New York tell him what the market has decided is popular, he is actually listening to the customers.

    We as conservatives have been saying forever: the country is basically conservative. Donald Trump is a interested in becoming the most powerful man in the world. He is going around the media and the beltway and saying to the American People: what can I do to make that happen and more importantly, instead of trying to change that dynamic HE ACCEPTS IT. Got it? He is telling the American people: I have heard you and irrespective of what my personal position has been in the past – I am saying that if you vote for me I will delver for you. Period.

    This Donald Trump is not running on: I have evolved, my personal position has changed, and bla, bla and yada, yada, yada and Jimmy cracked corn and I don’t care. He is saying, I have heard you and this is what you want and elect me and my position is that this is what I will deliver.

    This Donald Trump is about wining above all else and I do not believe that he will allow his personal ideology to get in the way of him being a President that the majority will absolutely rue the day he leaves office because of term limits.

    This is a man that is about delivering what the market wants and this is a man who understands that the media is not being forthright about what the vast majority of Americans want.

  11. My inclination is: This Donald Trump is not about telling people what is best for them, this Donald Trump is LISTENING to the American people and responding to their wants and desires.

    If anyone thinks that this Donald Trump will dry shave the people and turn around and implement an agenda that will make him into a documented back-stabber then they and I have a difference of opinion on what this man is made of. I have not seen any documented evidence that Donald Trump is not a man of his word, if you have, let’s hear it.

    My choice, on an ideological basis is Ted Cruz. What a man! But my pragmatic choice today is Donald Trump. Not because he agrees with me ideologically on all, or even most, issues. Because he has listened to the American people and has the cajones (the drive) and personality to make things happen that the American people say they want to see happen.

    This Donald Trump is close to being THE most powerful man in the world. He has gotten his self in that position by telling the American people that he will deliver. If, and I believe that he is believes he is right to let the market decide then what he accepts is that the market is basically conservative and if he wants to be President first and a president who will be revered and idolized he is not going to let his own convictions get in the way of that goal.

    Ted Cruz’s convictions are not open for speculation. You know something? The American people’s convictions, unfiltered through the media, is what this Donald Trump is operating on and there is nothing on record to suggest to me that that will change if he is elected President.

    If you believe, as I do, that the American people are basically conservative… I would not be all that concerned that this Donald Trump is not ideologically in lock step with your convictions. If the American people remain basically conservative, this Donald Trump will deliver.

    You have to take into account that this man has never given a crap what others think about him. He cares about what Donald Trump thinks about Donald Trump. This could mean that he would defy the American people and be a disaster, but I think different. I think he could go to his grave knowing that he was among the most successful Presidents in American history even if the intelligentsia thought him a disaster.

    Just my thouights. And, up until recently…. I don’t watch television so I never thought much about Donald trump.

  12. Bobby Jindal CAN be very articulate and intelligent. He can also be very robotic in mouthing talking points that seem to come from another source.

    Now he’s shown that he’s willing to do someone else’s bidding (the GOP establishment). Did he do it for a price or does he really think this makes him a better candidate ?

    I hope the others learn something about self-embarrassment from this.


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