Trump Holds Pennsylvania Rally

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POTUS held a rally in Pennsylvania after House Dems introduced articles of impeachment against him.

[…]  Trump says unlike past politicians, he keeps his promises on trade deals and reviving the manufacturing base. He says “we are on the verge of ending the NAFTA catastrophe once and for all.” He says Congress will soon vote on the USMCA and Trump says Pelosi announced USMCA on the same day they announced they are going to impeach. Trump says they announced it one hour later to play down the impeachment. “They are embarrassed,” Trump says, adding that his poll numbers have gone through the roof because of her “stupid impeachment.” Trump says the “silver lining of impeachment and this witch hunt” is the approval of the USMCA trade deal. The rest is here

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  1. I heard some audio as I was driving home. I was wishing I was there, or at least watching on teevee. TRUMP IS SO GREAT!!

  2. Astro-turfers for Trump helped significantly by green-screen special effects. Trump would have you easily manipulated conservs believe he is popular in a state that gained 3 House seats and 1 Senate seat in 2018. You MAGATs really love to ‘gobble the goo’ don’t you? There are going to be some real sad tRUMP supporters come the 2020 election. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. ^^^^^ Delusional Trumpkin^^^^ who thinks that a state that gained 3 new Dem House members and 1 new Dem Senate is going to vote for Trump.

  4. “Anonymous” = “Unionized Pittsburgh libtard.”

    Don’t you have a PAT bus to pull out of a sinkhole there, Aholenonymous? 🙄

  5. ^^^^^ Delusional Trumpkin^^^^

    You are correct. If we don’t fix voter fraud this is all a joke. And Libtards have no honor. And certainly no respect for the Constitution or American heritage. At that point in time we go to war. And we have all the guns so Fuck Off.

  6. Another good reason to restrict posting by “anonymous”. It would be fine if he had the balls to call himself Larry the Liberal, Sven the Schiffhead, or any other name. Anonymous? any no name can do that.

  7. ^^^ Another Trumpster Diver ^^^ who thinks libs are afraid of their guns. Most of you rust belt deplorables are too lazy to get a job let alone pick up a gun and fight us. By the way, don’t bite the hand that feeds you, we city workers are the ones paying for all your welfare benefits. You bitter clinger Trump-Bros need to go get a job and start paying your way which will never happen because you’d first need to get out of your mom’s basement.

  8. anonymous is just another pajama boy pussy, like we’ve seen in those many videos of deranged pencil-necks with pussy hats who try to act tough and stuff

    dude’s a moron, iq around room temp

    i am so going to enjoy 2020, the fun is just beginning

  9. “Most of you rust belt deplorables are too lazy to get a job let alone pick up a gun and fight us.”

    I’ll squeeze your head until it pops like a zit keyboard warrior. All Conservatives are employed thanks to DJT. Are you? And where do you work? Please include phone number a description of yourself so we can verify. And what hours you work. And where you park.

  10. Now @: Do mind if I call you Colon (you know, like the ones that are full of shit)?? Colon, calling me pussy is funny considering you nome de plume “Colon” which is likely your way of dealing with your closeted homosexuality. Trump isn’t going to win again because we are closing his cheating scams, get used to it.

  11. Brad, I think you threw the knockout punch. Thx.

    The dude was a dreadful bore and nuisance. I hate pussies.

  12. The socialist Democrat Party Astro turfers keep projecting their candidates’ Low Energy voter turnout onto our dynamic candidate, POTUS Donald Trump.

    The leftist’s poor turnouts force them to greenscreen and Photoshop/ crop the hell out of their echoing empty halls. But I’ve been to two Trump Rally’s – 10,000 seat venues – and they are packed to the rafters.

    So go suck your soy lattes in your Mama’s basement, you astroturfing Caspar Milquetoast non-achievers. MAGA! 2A! 1A!

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    Should I teach my children to trust an ‘Anon’ or @Dadof4??

    Who is this Brad anyways?

    @Anon – “you can ask around”…How the FUCK do you ask around about an anonymous source???

  19. Horatio Prim

    Come on. You don’t have kids. For Christ sake you’re still trying to figure out your gender. Which after reading your shit I’m going with little bitch.

  20. Anon,

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    Your reason and rationale is what is wrong with the country and moving forward and understanding MAGA:

    ‘I hate everything, and everybody’. That’s you talkin’ not me.

    NOW I’ll retire to the basement.

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