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Trump: ‘I Don’t Want China Dictating To Me’

DailyCaller: President-elect Donald Trump has stressed that China will not set the rules for his administration.

Since the president-elect broke with decades of diplomatic protocol and accepted a phone call from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen last Friday, Trump and China have been trading shots. During an interview with Fox News Sunday morning, Trump criticized China’s policies and practices and again defended his unprecedented phone conversation with the Taiwanese president.

“We’re being hurt very badly by China with devaluation, with taxing us heavy at the borders when we don’t tax them, with building a massive fortress in the middle of the South China Sea, which they shouldn’t be doing, and frankly with not helping us at all with North Korea,” Trump explained.

Trump attacked China Thursday for massive intellectual property theft, unfairly taxing American companies, not helping to address the “menace of North Korea,” the at-will and massive devaluation of currency, and unlawful product dumping.

He said that China is going to start “playing by the rules.” Trump made many similar complaints on the campaign trail.

Speaking about the phone conversation with the Taiwanese president, he said that it would have been “disrespectful” to not take the call, which Trump said was “nice.”  more



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  1. He should screw around with Xi and the CCP, and call himself Thor, or The Roar. (Xi Jinping is referred to as the Core).

  2. Me too Brad.
    The next 4-8 years are going to be historic and the optimism I hear from complete strangers is palpable.
    America is back and the reins of power have been wrested away even before Inauguration Day.
    Obama is already an asterisk in American history, just like Jimmy Carter.

    *. Sometimes Americans lose their collective minds or vote thievery produces bad results.

  3. I’ll go to war in Trump’s army. It may come to that, it may be inevitable and it wouldn’t be the fault of Trump. We are in a precarious spot right now, and the world is a dangerous place. I’d rather fight and lose than be a slave to a dictator. I’m not looking forward to going to war against China or Russia but I think either one of them would go to war against us. They both see us as weaker than we have been in decades and that we can be beat. And what about the muzzies?

  4. Joe6pak, Yes, I’m tired of the shit sandwich the libtards, the communist press, and the anti Trumpers are trying to feed us. I’m a simple guy so I lump them all in the same category. They are still trying to steal this election. I’ll shoot a muther fxcker. Just sayen I’ve had enough.

  5. When you consider the fact that China has more that 100,000,000 fighting age men than there are women of the same age in China, and you see the aggressive actions they are taking you have to view them as a significant and viable threat. I expect there are a few Chinese officials that could accept 20,000,000 or 30,000,000 fewer restless men around if it meant they could occupy and take over Australia they may give it a try. I don’t trust them for anything. When you think about it Australia has exactly what they need. Land, food, water, natural resources. I’ve have been predicting that if it doesn’t happen in my lifetime it will happen in my kids lifetime. Under obama there was nobody to stop them, I believe Trump would hold the line.

  6. Joe6pak, Don’t forget, they have ONE stinking aircraft carrier and that’s a relic from the Ruskies. There new Stealthy Aircraft designs were stole from us. Here’s the issue with that. We know the weak points of that airframe better than anybody. The Asian curse is they are great copiers, but they haven’t come up with anything on their own since Gun Powder. And I’m fairly certain that was a baking mistake.

  7. No offense boys, but this won’t turn into a hot war. This moment resembles the Iranians giving up our hostages when Reagan took office. They knew that they were dealing with a man who would not be steamrollered so they backed down. America’s goals will be achieved through strong arm diplomacy, tough business negotiations with just a bit of ‘are you sure you want to fuck with us militarily?’ War costs lots of money. We know you don’t care about the lives of your people because your fascist commies. But if we mobilize the American people against you, even at the cash register, you’re finished.

  8. Phenry, Hot War? I assume you are referencing another country? That’s not what I was suggesting. The pressure to keep Trump out of office is dynamic. Lots of globalist going to lose some money. Lots of hypnotized Snow Flakes. What ever it takes to get him officially in office needs to be done.

  9. There was lots of cross talk in this thread, some of which was speaking to Chinese military strength, etc. As for the unarmed unintelligent liberals having a tantrum? Let them just try. So far they keep opening the door into their foreheads.

  10. Our Trump is a little psychotic. And that’s a good thing. It’ll keep the Commies, ISIS, and everybody else on their toes and biting their nails, thinking twice about fu*&^%$ with us. Hahahahahaha! Go Trump!

  11. joe6pack
    I take it that you don’t have any friends or family of chinese descent? I don’t like the gov of china anymore than you do, but that last comment was kind of a douche move. 😡

  12. Get these friggin Chinese students out of our country, too. Here is how that process currently works — you the federal taxpayer get soaked for the Chinese students here. Unis. gets federal $$ for admitting Chinese and other foreign students. They take the places of US kids who wanted to go to school there. They cheat like hell and that are not reliable or trustworthy. If there are not a good number of Chinese gov’t spies among them, I’ll eat my hat. They stick around and stay here after they graduate. They take jobs that US citizens would want. They get hired by the universities as faculty in the name of diversity, where they suck as professors and never attend office hours and of course get full tenure b/c it would be racist to not do so. They cluster into their own communities where they speak Chinese and you are not welcome. What a great program eh??

  13. Hey Chuffed! Get real. What joe6pack says is spot on. I’ve thought the same thing myself. Except I was seeing the exodus of young chinese men to find foreign wives and take them back to China as the beginning of the weakening of the culture from within. Call it one of the “unintended” consequences of the one-child policy. The Chinese pride themselves in long term thinking but maybe they missed the mark on this one. Or maybe joe6pack has it right. Lots of young, testosterone fueled guys pumped up, no women in sight, and gotta let their aggression out some how. What’s the government to do but put that “natural” resource to use. Make war, not love!

  14. Chuffed, I think you misinterpreted what I said. I can’t imagine what would cause you to say I made a douche move. If you were a bit more specific I might be able to give a better response but for now I’ll just let you know that I wasn’t besmirching anyone’s friends or family.

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