Trump plans ‘hurt Russia and emboldens America first’ – IOTW Report

Trump plans ‘hurt Russia and emboldens America first’


One question Hillary Clinton’s apologists haven’t answered is why Russia would want the more American nationalist candidate to win the presidential election.


Clinton the globalist, it could be argued, would be more willing to capitulate to foreign demands.

Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway drove that point home during an appearance on Fox & Friends on Friday.


7 Comments on Trump plans ‘hurt Russia and emboldens America first’

  1. Lets face it, democRats hate competition.
    They want to be the exclusive distributor of election corruption!

  2. There is one reason the Russians would support Trump over Kilary: TO PREVENT WWIII

  3. I’ve pointed that out from the start of this nonsense propaganda. Why would Putin want someone like Reagan who crushed the USSR with a vibrant US economy, strong military, unapologetic America first dedication? He knew Clinton would sell her grandchildren for a few bucks – she already sold out to him twice.

    It shows what morons the media are that they never raise this point while they’re slamming Trump for being an alpha male patriot.

  4. Disinformation (fake news) meets the DNC and media’s narrative.
    Manufacturing enemies is senseless, for the most part Russia and the US coexist and share common goals.

    On the other hand we both have “real” enemies “islam”. Russia is fighting terrorists, Obama has supported, financed and armed terrorists, as well as Islamic regime changes, that created a shit storm of international terrorism.

    Having a strong US military and a strong US leader is a benefit to both countries.

  5. Trump the leader — versus — Obama the enabler.
    Strength and Stability –versus– socialist/islamic stupidity

  6. Let them keep lying: To themselves. Conservatives know they’re lying and ignore them. Dems keep lying to themselves rather than being honest with each other and admitting why they lost so badly. Good. Sure don’t want them to learn from their mistakes and take corrective action. Better that they keep lying to themselves and stay on the same path to losing elections.

  7. It is preferable to have to deal with someone whose principles and motivations are nearer the surface. Their future actions are more reliably predictable, or more accurately, you will have a better idea of what such people will NOT do. In foreign policy, this describes DJT much more than any other candidate who was in the running.

    Vlad is not a good man in the moral sense, but he’s nobody’s fool. I can understand why he would prefer DJT over H-Rod, not that that means I think he did anything that the US govt hasn’t done to influence foreign elections.

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