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Trump Posts Clearly Photoshopped Picture of Megyn Kelly, Claims She Met with Saudi Prince

Donald Trump, still upset over the perceived bias of Megyn Kelly towards him, tweeted an erroneous and clearly photoshopped picture of her and a Saudi prince.

“Most people don’t know that the co-owner of Fox News is Prince Al-Waleed of Saudi Arabia here with his sister and with host Mygan Kelly,” the poorly written picture reads. “In case you only watch Fox News and you missed it everywhere else. GOOGLE IT!”

After Googling it, IOTW Report has found that the picture and “facts” are utterly false.

According to Snopes, “photograph of Megyn Kelly posing is a fabrication, and the Saudi prince is not really a “co-owner” of Fox News.”

More than that, I went ahead and dived deeper, and found the actual picture of Megyn Kelly before it was used in the photoshop:

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  1. The media have been lying about and even fabricating evidence about the right and our troops for decades.

    I’m not going to get my panties in a bunch when it starts happening to media personalities.

  2. “According to Snopes”

    You lost me right there. Snopes is a 60’s era hippy and his old lady. Both are as liberal as Nancy Piglosi and have been proven to be full of shit many time.

  3. I’m breathless! Shocked to my core! Nah, not really. First off, Trump walked away from a bad situation, an unfair situation. Why should Fox make millions while screwing him over at the same time? No sane person would and no one who is telling the nation they are a competent deal maker would.

    Point #2: The Prince does own, unless he recently divested himself of Fox interest, a significant (I think it was 10%) of News Corp. Fox was lambasted in 2005/06 for allowing him to influence news. Look it up for yourself.

    Point #3: Why are conservatives, of all people, carrying water now for Fox? Have we suddenly stopped thinking of them as the evil MSM?

    Point #4: It’s a photoshop??! Duh. It’s the same thing IOTWr does every day. It’s agitprop. And it’s effective.

  4. @Durka, yep, I’m guessing this a tit for tat from the Trump camp, showing they can make shit up too.
    Is tit for tat misogynistic?

  5. WEST DES MOINES — There was a hair joke. A pilfered punch line (“You’re fired!”).

    And by the end of a pitiless broadside against Donald J. Trump, Ted Cruz had even coined a new nickname for him: “gentle Donald,” a man cowering at the sight of a debate moderator.

  6. Hah, haven’t watched a single debate, I will be tuning into CNN, if nothing more than tweak the FOX’s tail.
    Trump wins, again.

  7. Aurelius, you’re better than this.

    When Trump tweeted a photoshop
    an iOTWr special!
    of !Jeb! picking his nose, he was making fun of !Jeb!.

    Got a problem with THAT, too?!

  8. I disagree.
    If this is a sophisticated joke aimed at Megyn Kelly, he’s taking a huge leap of faith.

    I support Trump and I think this tweet is ridiculous and has the potential to make him look like the crazy uncle who forwards whatever he gets in his email box.

    It’s a donkeyshop, has spelling errors and the info is wrong.
    The muslim dude’s firm holds 6% stock in Fox News’ parent company – 21st Century Fox.
    Could that be an influence on Fox’s tone? Maybe, at best.
    He doesn’t own “half of Fox News.”

    You have to get your info in the ballpark, at least, otherwise your credibility suffers.

    I hope everyone gets Trump’s joke, if that’s what it is.

    Mr. Trump, stop with the forwarding of the Crazy Uncle stuff, please.
    If it’s a joke you’re taking a huge risk that you just won’t come off looking a little loony.

    For the love of God, someone, please, get him away from Twitter!!

  9. Okay, Fur. But if we’re going to call this stuff out, let’s call out everyone. Cruz has an ad — not a goofy Tweet, but masquerading as “fact!” — that Trump bulldozed a poor, old (they probably threw “widda woman” in there for good measure) lady’s house so he could build a parking lot for his casino. All of it was a Big. Fat. Lie.

    Get him away from Twitter? Don’t they wish! LOL!

  10. I agree, Aggie.
    Hannity seems to be the only guy on Fox that is hard on Islam, CAIR, their operatives, etc.

    Muslim influence might account for it.

    But when Trump invites people to Google and verify something and it will not check out when Googled, it means Trump didn’t Google it. Not good.
    I don’t need Trump to be trusting that people are savvy enough to be in on a sophisticated joke, if that’s what it is.

    As a Trump supporter, and I’ve been accused of being “too in the tank for Trump,” so my bona fides are clear, I cringe at this tweet.

    But that’s just my opinion. Everyone else is certainly entitled, and welcomed, to offer their own.


  11. Photoshop – amateur to let people know it’s a joke.
    + Spelling errors – let people know it’s obviously a joke.
    + Wrong information – underscores media reporting.
    3 = funny

  12. I agree AA. Cruz’s ad had a myth in it, parading as fact.
    And the video I posted last night, as Pinko pointed out, was heavily edited and tried to make it seem like Trump called Iowans stupid.

    Lies are bad. Neither candidate should be doing it.
    It’s just that, this retweet is so, so, so bad because it’s not Trump telling a lie as much as it is him falling for a lie told by someone else in a form that should send up red flags to the least discerning eye amongst us. Yet, he retweets it.
    I’m not thrilled by that.
    No one should be.

    I can see the Scotch tape on Megyn’s head.

    And the spelling error of her name, wouldn’t that cast a little doubt that the graphic may not be thoroughly researched?

  13. Is this the way a candidate for the highest office in the land should be acting ? Seriously ?

    We have commies openly saying they want to take all of your shit on the other side and Trump is tweeting out crap like this because somebody asked him a mean question.He looks small and bitter when he does this. I can’t imagine how skipping debates because of ‘unfairness’ (who in this country complains about what’s fair, btw), getting into a cockfight with Fox, and generally acting like we have to respect him or We’Re Fired ! is helping him in any way.

  14. Well, I hope you’re right, that some frivolous tweet doesn’t end up costing him.
    If it gives the nomination to Cruz, that’s fine.
    But I am still suffering from a deep suspicion that somehow all of this trickles down to Rubio, or WORSE – Jeb!

  15. Hey Fur, seeing that it’s in your wheelhouse, I can’t blame you for cringing, but if you want to see how goofy Trump can be you should see his chicken wing restaurant ad on SNL. Frankly, I’m enjoying the heck out of this. He makes me laugh (with him). And any woman on the planet will tell you a man who makes her laugh is okay in her book. I just detest it when people go nuts over stuff that is the ordinary part of electioneering. I get that there has to be a rebuttal on important things, but campaign ads and tweets?

    But if we must go there, a very strong (very strong) case can be made about the business interests of a Saudi prince and his use of a major American news organization to further the interests of his muslim faith.

    A more recent example is the murder of the “activist” in Oregon this week. Why is Fox news pushing the testimony of the guy who was 200 yards away and has said he couldn’t see anything, instead of reporting the POV of the young woman who was in the truck and says she did see what happened? And why is Fox reporting a lie about a “shootout” when there was no gunfire from the entrapped protesters? There are no charges of attempted murder against any of them. If any of them had even shown a gun, they would have charged them. Propaganda much?

    So, why would anyone be incensed over a tweet that exposes at least some connection between Fox and their business owners and partners? Should Trump have shopped a photo of Roger Ailes instead? How many people would know what he looks like? Wouldn’t that have been confusing to people who don’t know what Ailes looks like?

  16. I thought the Prince sold most of his share in News Corp a year ago and kept something like 1%. He kept the 6.6 or whatever % in Fox.
    At one time he a 6.6% in interest in both.

    I agree that Hannity seems to be only one who continues to deal with Pisslam for what it is unless there is an Allahu Fubar mass killing.

  17. I agree with AA.
    The Saudi/Fox thing is a real FU to Murdock.

    Fur, I understand your concern
    about the TEXT, but I don’t see it anything
    for people to get bent out of shape over…
    …any more than !Jeb! picking his nose
    being “disrespectful”…he never picked his nose
    in public, so THAT was a “falsehood” as well.

    and I’m glad Trump is stirring the pot,
    even with silliness at times.

    I do NOT see this as *dinging* his numbers in Iowa.
    Even if it looks close there, anyway.

  18. Do I make a post out of this??
    I’m asking the iOTWreport community.

    The tweet above had @BradCross4 on it.
    Instead of wasting my time Googling what I already knew was crapola in the tweet, I looked into who this Brad Cross4 is.

    He’s a jack nobody to Trump, with 260 followers. In his twitter sidebar he has other pictures of what he’s tweeted out.

    Here are descriptions of 2 of the pictures.

    -A monkey swinging on a vine holding a banana with Michelle Obama’s head photoshopped on it.

    – A photoshop of a Silverback gorilla having doggy-style sex with Michelle Obama

    What is wrong with Trump??
    If he doesn’t know how to simply and quickly and easily look at the profile of the person he is about to retweet, take his f*cking account away.

    He doesn’t know what he’s doing on Twitter.
    Or does he?
    Is this part of his joke?

    This is not cool. It’s not funny.

  19. WHERE?!?
    He’s on CNN tonight at 9pm Eastern, with a helluva bigger audience than Fox will get!


  20. I took the Mygan spelling to be a My gal take off.
    I could be wrong, seems somebody is spoofing the hell out of Meggs.
    Shame to see the spoofers get spoofed.

  21. I have far left cranks on my FB newsfeed and a few far right ones too who constantly post badly done and stupid agitprop. This one of Meghan and the Saudis has been around a loooooong time and cycles through from time to time.

    Trump needs to hire iOTW to do spot on agitprop and fire the dude who is scanning FB for gotcha images to trounce his opponents with.

    Never trust an image where you can count the pixels in it-you don’t know where it’s been.

  22. Whoa! This is getting too ridiculous. It’s one (1) tweet. I’m betting no on is paying that much attention to it. Maybe Fox and Cruz. But they’re already in cahoots, so no surprises there.

  23. It’s not one tweet.
    Last week he retweeted a Jew-hater, Neo-Nazi guy and it made NBC news.

    He didn’t learn from that and he retweets some guy who has pictures of Michelle as a monkey getting butt-banged and eating a banana.

    I’m glad you’re not concerned. I am.

    This is not a case of me needing to lighten up, this is a case of Trump needing to tighten up.

  24. Trump knows his supporters. Most already have the opinion that the Saudis and Fox are simpático and will not be offended by an obvious send up of his deceitful media foes. Trump is also letting his base know Kelly is a willing tool for FOX.
    It’s amateur, crude but it gets the point across to a lot of his supporters who are not sophisticated – they get it. I think it’s a great strategy. Trump wants this googled to motivate his base to be suspicious of FOX News which has been incorrectly believed to be a conservative news source.
    BTW, This will not hurt Trump’s poll numbers.

  25. I know Trump is all over the map on stuff. Trump is my F.U. vote TO POLITICIANS and the GOP. I get it – he’s a loose cannon. You should be THANKFUL for Trump even if you hate him. Trump has changed the national “conversation” and the political landscape – hopefully for good.
    Trump is PROMISING a WALL and enforcing illegal immigration. If he accomplishes that, our country has a chance. If we just vote in another DOUCHE’ BAG that’s going to jerk us around with “bi-partisanship” and “conversations” I TRULY GIVE UP on fighting for this nation.

  26. Fur, You’re right on some points. It’s Trump’s to lose and so why should he take any chances? You’re spot on.

    But one thing that’s going to take all of us a little time to realize is this: Trump doesn’t care. He does not care about the playbook that we’ve all been operating under. He’s not going to let Fox News make the rules anymore. He makes no secret of the fact that if he’s allowed, he’s not going to let the rest of the world write the rules for America, either. He’s not going to let them push us around anymore — on trade, on security, on immigration, from the U.N., from Iran, from Germany or the U.K.

    And he makes his own rules about how to run a campaign. You can do that when you’re “paying for the mic.” If he writes a book about it, every podunk pol wannabe is going to buy it and use it.

  27. I see your point, but I also agree its time for Trump to begin behaving less like a guy having fun and a man running for a serious position. He already has the support of those who get and agree with his humor, its those who take themselves more seriously he needs to court now.

  28. It was very careless not check the source of that Tweet. I get the ‘joke’. At best it’s sophomoric. The failure to look at the source doesn’t sit well.
    When election time rolls around I’ll vote for the R left standing even if it’s a character like Mr. Pinko (mutter, mutter). Problem is what will all the so-called normal people be doing at the ballot box if they even go to vote.
    My fear is if Trump is the nominee that many usually R or I voters will just stay home because they are fed up with his antics.

  29. I will say this, Trump is correct in saying that Megyn Kelly is over-rated. She’s running around today repeating “I will be there!” regarding the debate. Of course, she will, otherwise she would be fired. It’s her job!!

    Also from yesterday’s Time interview:
    But that doesn’t mean she’s [Megyn Kelly] going out on limbs or trying to trick candidates, she said. “I won’t be asking any questions to which I don’t know the answers,” she said. It’s an approach she brings to the anchor chair after years as an attorney. “It’s your journalistic responsibility. It’s a security blanket,” she said.

    “I won’t be asking any questions to which I don’t know the answers”…What the hell does that even mean? Someone please explain this to me.

  30. Could stupid Trump Twitter missteps be like a death by 1000 paper cuts? Enough links to racist or tin foil hat retweets that get reported in the media could sway some fence sitters who see, say, Rubio as a competent guy who speaks well…maybe he’d be a better choice than Trump or that nasty guy Cruz.

  31. Be prepared:
    the “fireworks” leading up to the General Election are going to be *nuclear*.

    (and, not just Trump’s)

  32. i am a trump guy, but can’t keep from visualizing him in the oval office spending his time with immature tweets, etc

    the polls seem to show that others don’t share my concern about this, so i will stfu and watch what happens

  33. Aurelias —

    The first line in your post: “Donald Trump, still upset over the perceived bias of Megyn Kelly towards him . . .”

    I know you want to be perceived as having no dog in this fight, but isn’t it a stretch, given all the real information about Fox News and Megyn Kelly’s pre-debate remarks and their actions (bringing michael moore on her show)?

    The other day you wrote a post asking everyone who they were voting for. Now that you know who we are voting for, may I ask who are you voting for? I meant to ask you in the thread of that post, but it came and went.

  34. Or maybe it’s more like Stray Voltage.

    And what’s up with the Prince’s head rag? He seems to be wearing it “Trump-style”. Or is that part of the ‘shopping?

  35. That’s Entertainment!

    Bread and Circuses!

    Trump refuses to participate, and the entire debate will be about …

    Trump is all the talking heads have been talking about since Trump pulled his Trump.

    Geesh, people, we’re being played …

  36. BFH, The way it will give to Rubes or Jebbie is if the Cruzers don’t come over to give the front runner a mandate,

    They stick to their “right” principles rather than going for the win with a front runner who is obviously picking up cross-over votes, and deny him a win and let Rubes or Bernie float in.

    Trump has the capabilities to give us at least some of what he promised while O’Connell’s boy Cruz will stick to his non-winning principles.

    I still believe Cruz is more than not honest. Verbally conservative, yes. Honest? I really question that. He’s got too many excuses for his “oopsies.”

  37. Disagree, Tim. “We” aren’t being played, but the American/Global news conglomerates sure are. And isn’t it about time? Why anyone would be upset by addressing the balance has me wondering if I’ve slipped into an alternate universe this morning.

  38. Understood.
    The stakes are high.
    I hope he has it under control.

    He said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave, that didn’t bother me at all.
    It was a joke. Clearly.

    I just don’t want him unnecessarily testing the theory of “how far can I go?”

  39. I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, because it’s not intended to be a criticism, merely an observation. And I hasten to add that I have no favorite at this point and I will support almost any candidate the GOP sees fit to run – Trump, Cruz, whoever. However, I have noticed on this site that among the most, um, “enthusiastic” Trump supporters, anything The Donald does is the correct thing to do. If he does or says something that seems really smart, he’s a masterful politician. However, if he does or says anything that looks wrong or stupid, he’s a savvy businessman who’s “moved beyond politics” and is “redefining the system”. Ergo, the man can do no wrong, so I don’t see any logic in attempting to argue about the correctness of his latest move. Would that all politicians had such loyalty among their devotees!

    P.S. – Please don’t remind me that every time Trump makes a seemingly strange move, he moves up in the polls. It only proves my point.


  40. Sounds like she’s in the business of either helping or hurting, depending on who she’s feeding questions to.

    That’s not a good quality in a journalist/reporter/interviewer/fact finder.

  41. Hi Abigail! Here are my thoughts on the matter:

    It is a perceived bias. Megyn Kelly asked difficult questions to all of the candidates during the first debate, not to mention that the question she asked was perfectly reasonable. The only Republican candidate that has called her biased is Mr. Trump. I appreciate that you have a different opinion than me, so I’m happy to agree to disagree.

    I am either going to support Mr. Trump, Mr. Cruz, or Mr. Rubio. I like that Mr. Trump has a no-nonsense attitude. I like that Mr. Cruz has led the fight against liberal insanity in Congress for the last few years. I like that Mr. Rubio is clear and concise in his messaging.

    That said, even if I like someone, it does not mean that I plan on pulling any punches. If someone does something that I think is stupid or nuts, and I want to write about it, I’m going to write about it (well, at least until the primaries are over).

    In the end, I think we can all agree that any candidate on the Republican side would be astoundingly better Presidents than Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. If Mr. Trump is the nominee, he will have my support. The same is true of Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rubio.

    I hope that this answers your questions!

  42. Will Trump post his selfies while at it?
    Trump should probably explain the joke when he re-tweets this stuff. Too many blondes looking at it don’t get the joke.

  43. Fur, Understood. I don’t know how much our fellow Americans can take, either. But I have a strong feeling we’re about to find out. 😉

    On the Donald Trump said he can shoot someone, I think he said “They said I (could, would, can, might) say that I can shoot someone…”

    I’ve only seen the video once, so I don’t remember. I’m going off what Pinko said, and I imagine he’s pretty accurate on this stuff. You’ll want to check that, I’m sure. We don’t want to do a repeat of the Sarah Palin/Russia thing. I can’t believe our own side is trying to make something of it.

    And even if he did actually say that *He* himself could shoot someone…he was making a hyperbolic point about the loyalty of his supporters. Everyone has lost their sense of humor. And I was having such a good time, too.

  44. The quality of Photoshop images today shows how insightful or ahead of its time Michael Crichton’s 1992 book Rising Sun was. It’s like a ball game the player who’s fake move wins the game only needs to work long enough to win the election, er game.

    otoh, People with the right skills easily discovered Obumbles’ released birth certificate was a fraud with many overlays. The forensic tools have kept up with the image manipulation tools.

    Maybe someday we will know the depth of the fraud in the WH is deeper than anyone thought possible.

  45. One has to acknowledge Trump & Obumbles both boycott select FNC show host. It’s either right for both or not right to so do.

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