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Trump Praises His Sister, a Pro-Abortion Extremist Judge

Restoring Liberty-

Donald Trump told Mark Halperin yesterday that his sister, a federal judge, would be a “phenomenal” Supreme Court justice. He also said that “we will have to rule that out now, at least.”

(Author, Brad Thor, has issued a challenge to Trump. He wants to debate him to expose his liberal bonafides. He says Trump’s Supreme Court picks would be risky for the right. SEE HERE.)

Maryanne Trump Barry

If he ever becomes president, let’s hope he rules it out permanently. Maryanne Trump Barry came up in my book The Party of Death for writing one of those heated judicial decisions in favor of giving constitutional protection to partial-birth abortion. She called a New Jersey law against it a “desperate attempt” to undermine Roe v. Wade. It was, she wrote, “based on semantic machinations, irrational line-drawing, and an obvious attempt to inflame public opinion instead of logic or medical evidence.” It made no difference where the fetus was when it “expired.”


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  1. IIRC, Ronaldus Magnus first put Judge Trump on a high court. Billy Jeff wanted to screw over a lib judge and reinstated her when he was preezy.

  2. I really don’t give a fuck about this shit. With out PP we’d be swimming in little black ass holes trying to kill us. I DONT CARE. Fix our economy, Fix our military, Fix our Tax Code, restore our Nations Position and then let’s address how to manage this shit.

  3. Uh…NO!

    Ted Cruz, overtly step up and take the reins, please.

  4. Big Gun, what I said was sad but true.

    Not any conservatives fault. Let’s talk to Lyndon. But then again most cellular masses could figure that shit out and quit being taken advantage of. Me, I only got so much ammo.

  5. Me too, Brad. But I took an oath. (This’ll drive the NSA batshit crazy.)

  6. I don’t think so. Berry and Lyndon are getting what they were after. An extremely passive pussified white population that is ripe for being hunted without retaliation. That’s what I’m seeing. Am I wrong?

  7. More rattlesnakes thrown under the wagon train.

    Who do these people who claim Trump’s liberalism support? Jeb?

    Press on.

  8. No, you are not, “wrong,” per se. Even Nixon addressed this about when (and if) the silent majority would speak up, it would be a day of reckoning. However, most folks want to go along to get along. When pressed, I believe what the 17th century poet/dramatist, John Dryden’s words meant,

    “Beware the fury of a patient man.”

  9. Trump.needs to understand that his supporters, from left or right, are SICK OF GODDAM DYNASTIES.

    Amendment to the Constitution:

    “No person may riun for, or hold, any office once held by either grandparent, either parent, brother or sister, aunt or uncle, or niece or nephew.”

    And now it seems as if a Donald Addendum is necessary:

    “No person elected to office may appoint any family member to any office in any coequal branch of government, nor shall such a person be appointed by another officer within those coequal branches of government.”

    NO. EFFING. DYNASTIES. I giveth not a tinker’s damn how Talented & Gifted your family is.

  10. I read these head lines and I’m about out of patience. I can introduce you to a whole bunch that fits into that category. Problem is no definable enemy. When that changes, when the enemy can clearly be identified, look out.

  11. The question is, when do we support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic;…? Therein lies the most base of questions.

  12. I have another question that’s been nawing at my mind. When THEY come for us or our guns, who exactly is “They”? Military, National Guard, Leo, DHS, who? We have them all out gunned and there’s to many Patriotic Ex Military in these orginizations. Gotta be NATO.

  13. Problem is no definable enemy.

    When THEY come for us or our guns, who exactly is “They”?…
    …Gotta be NATO.

    Blue helmets are pretty easy to identify.

    Just saying.

  14. Obama is going to deputize all blacks. They are going to come for your guns. With the help of NATO.

  15. Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about, BigGun .

  16. Let’s step back a bit. You know not one of the people we support will ever be perfect.

    Just two days ago some people were throwing Ted Cruz in the trash because he didn’t answer a question the way we wanted him to.

    Now, some want to wad Trump up and throw him in the trash, too. Just because he likes his sister.

    Ok, I know it’s more involved than that. We can keep our eyes on the issues that will become deal breakers – when the time comes.

    For now, let’s discuss. Let’s listen. Let’s do our due diligence, but you’re not going to make me choose right now. I’m going to watch and wait.

    And, by all means, stop putting your choice on a different playing field than all the rest. Admit that they aren’t as perfect as you want them to be and admit there are things about them that need to be monitored. Don’t shut down discussion just because you don’t like it.

    We need to vet all candidates equally and honestly.

  17. Proofreading Police:

    Don’t you just love the way C-SPAN misspells her name on the screen?

    They’re such retards over there that they probably couldn’t tell her apart from Marion Barry LOL.

  18. I read this somewhere else yesterday, so I’m paraphrasing here:

    DON’T TAKE IT LITERALLY. The guy has a big mouth. He’s showing his love of his family, in this case his sister. Did he say, if apponted, he’d put her on the bench? NO. He said she’d be great. You’d also say something like that about a sibling you loved. Don’t read too much into it.


    I’m with Cruz…but: this time around, I’m lucky to be in Florida, which comes well after alot of other states choose their candidate/delegates.

    If, by the time it’s Florida’s turn to vote, the way to stop !Cheb! is to vote Trump, I’m leaving that option open.

  20. Courtesy Conservative Treehouse, here’s the chronology:

    #1 – Iowa Caucus/Convention, Monday February 1st 2016: 30 Delegates / Closed Primary Caucus (Republican Only)

    #2 – New Hampshire Primary, Tuesday February 9th 2016: 23 Delegates (proportional assigned) / Modified Primary (Independents and Republicans)

    #3 – South Carolina Primary, Saturday February 20th 2016: 50 Delegates (Winner Take All) / Open Primary (Anyone Can Vote)

    #4 – Nevada Caucus/Convention, Tuesday February 23rd 2016: 30 Delegates / Closed Primary Caucus (Republican Only)

    #5 – SUPER TUESDAY: Tuesday March 1st – 601 Total Delegates
    • Texas: 155 Delegates (proportional assigned) / Open Primary
    • Alabama: 50 Delegates (proportional assigned) / Open Primary
    • Tennessee: 58 Delegates (Winner Take All *If 50% of vote achieved, if not Proportional) / Open Primary
    • Vermont: 16 Delegates (Winner Take All *If 50% of vote achieved, if not Proportional) / Open Primary
    • Arkansas: 40 Delegates (proportional assigned) / Open Primary
    • Georgia: 76 Delegates (Proportional assigned) / Modified Primary (Independents and Republicans)
    • Massachusetts: 42 Delegates (Proportional Assigned) / Modified Primary (Independents and Republicans
    • North Carolina: 72 Delegates (Proportional Assigned) / Modified Primary (Independents and Republicans)
    • Oklahoma: 43 Delegates (Winner Take All) / Closed Primary (Republicans Only)
    • Virginia: 49 Delegates (Proportional Assigned) / Open Primary

    #6 – Louisiana Primary, Saturday March 5th 2016 : 46 Delegates (Proportional Assigned) / Closed Primary (Republican Only)

    #7 – Mini Tuesday: Tuesday March 8th – 130 Delegates
    • Michigan Primary: 59 Delegates (Proportional) / Closed Primary (Republicans Only)
    • Idaho: 32 Delegates (Caucus/Convention) / Closed
    • Mississippi: 39 Delegates (WTA, if Less than 50% Proportional) / Open Primary

    #8 – Puerto Rico, Sunday March 13th 2016: 23 Delegates (WTA, if less than 50% Proportional) / Open Primary

    #9 – GAME DAY: Tuesday March 15th – 234 Total Delegates
    • Florida: 99 Delegates (Winner Take All) / Closed Primary
    • Ohio: 66 Delegates (WTA, or if less than 50% Proportional) / Modified Primary (Independents and Republicans)
    Illinois: 69 Delegates (Proportional w/ Beauty Contest) / Open Primary

  21. You forgot to mention
    The IllumiNAUGHTY… /s

    *rolls eyes*

  22. Thanks for the common sense, Claudia. Blessed are the peacemakers and you are one of those rare breed. You go, girl!

  23. Claudia, I have 3 PDFs (22, 23 pages each) of the Texas Republican Party Platform for the years 2008, 2010, and 2012. The official position of the Texas R party, that the national R party draws a lot from, for ’08 and ’10 was four words : No Amnesty. No Way… the position on illegals for 2012 was the sorry-assed, mealy-mouthed, Rubio-esque, capitulatin’ bitches, “Hey, look, we’re all human beings and we ought to remember that peoples’ lives are at stake, and whine, whine, blah, blah, can’t we all just get along…?”

    Find out what highly influential group of people “worked their magic” on the ’12 party platform and we’ll all know who we can or cannot trust… Am guessing the bushies and dickhed armey for starters.

    One of my best friends since grade school has verifiable links back to the folks that sailed on the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth Rock. Neither he nor I nor hundreds of millions born in America of LEGAL residents are immigrants… THAT SHIT needs to stop.

  24. You guys always have these great discussions in the middle of the night! Even though I’m late to the party my two cents are I agree with BB & co. but I see Claudia’s point too.
    For now, I’ll go with Claudia…wait and see. We have 15 months and so much can change between now & then.
    BUT……they ain’t taking ours!

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