Trump Says John Kerry May Have Broken Law by Advising Iran


ET: President Donald Trump suggested on April 22 that former Secretary of State John Kerry may have violated the Logan Act by advising Iran.

“Iran is being given VERY BAD advice by John Kerry and people who helped him lead the U.S. into the very bad Iran Nuclear Deal. Big violation of Logan Act?” Trump wrote on Twitter on April 22.

In the months leading up to Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, Kerry engaged in a shadow diplomacy campaign in an attempt to salvage the agreement, according to The Boston Globe.

As part of his efforts, he met with Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and top European Union official Federica Mogherini, according to an anonymous source. Kerry also lobbied members of Congress, according to the report.

Kerry’s efforts may be in violation of the Logan Act, a 1799 law, which criminalizes unauthorized negotiations with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States. Only two people have been indicted for violating the act, one in 1802 and the other in 1852.

Mainstream media and opponents of the Trump administration accused then-national security adviser Michael Flynn of violating the Logan Act, claiming he wasn’t authorized to speak with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak before the inauguration. Flynn was never charged with violating the act. He still faces sentencing after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI.

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch sued the Department of State on April 15, for records of communications between Kerry and State Department officials and meetings between Kerry and Iranian officials about the Iran deal.

“John Kerry wasn’t elected president, so he should avoid colluding with Iran and other foreign government to undermine U.S. foreign policy,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“Our lawsuit is meant to discover not only what Kerry was up to but also to unearth who inside the Deep State Trump ‘resistance’ were coordinating with Kerry’s clandestine efforts to undermine President Trump’s Iran policy.”  more here

17 Comments on Trump Says John Kerry May Have Broken Law by Advising Iran

  1. When do the bad guys start facing the consequences for all the unlawful activities that we read about every frickin day?!?! I’m so damn tired of accusations and investigations I could blow gasket!

  2. Our POTUS is aligning the SWAMP planets right now.

    And, when ready, he will fully unload. Potato Face the Disrace, aka Kerry, is just the start.

    DJT is telegraphing the other pond scum what is coming.

    Wait til he gits to Mittens…

  3. Kerry just loves going to Paris when colluding with enemies of America. Oh did I mention collusion? Paging Ferris Mueller? ……Mueller? ……..Mueller? ……Mueller?

  4. John Kerry walks into a bar.
    The bartender says: We don’t serve worthless traitorous bastards like you here.

  5. The Logan Act? Please. Even Republicans laugh when they’re charged with a Logan Act violation. I can’t believe Trump is dredging up an in ident from a year ago. Unless…maybe he’s got more on Lurch than the Logan Act? Hmmm….

  6. So, sKerry sits down and advises the Iranians………just like he sat down and advised the North Vietnamese during his Navy days?

  7. Iranian Mullahs aren’t stupid enough to take advice from Kerry. I bet those were stand up comedians trying to come up with good laughs.

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