Trump Says White House Considering Cutting Payroll Tax, Rejects Recession Fears

Epoch Times-

President Donald Trump said on Aug. 20 that the White House has long-considered cutting payroll tax and rejected warnings about a looming recession.

“Payroll tax is something that we think about and a lot of people would like to see that and that very much affects the … the workers of our country,” Trump told reporters in the Oval Office while in a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis.

Trump was responding to reports that his administration was considering a temporary payroll tax cut to boost the U.S. economy. This was first reported by Washington Post on Aug. 19, which said discussions over the potential tax cut are in its early stages.

Trump also added that he had been “thinking about payroll taxes for a long time,” contradicting a statement released by a White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, following the Post’s story. According to the official, “cutting payroll taxes is not something under consideration at this time,” Reuters reported. read more

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  1. Years ago Rush said the way to really get people pissed off about the income tax is to do away with withholding and just make people actually cut a check quarterly/yearly to pay their taxes. That way people would actually see how much they are paying rather than have it be some “theoretical money.”

    If they did that, I don’t imagine anyone would be overpaying just so they get a big refund. They would actually see that they are just letting the government use the money interest free.

  2. I wish our president would spend just a portion of his time that he spends thinking about fiddling with an already supercharged vibrant and robust economy on at least acknowledging the biggest threat to said Trump economy……..the totally out of control deficit spending.

    I was also disappointed in his backtracking of indexing capital gains to inflation. This to me would be the simplest most equitable venue for wealth creation and prosperity, yet he equivocates because it would be “perceived” as elitist, when did he ever give a rat’s ass about perception in his quest to make America great again?

  3. “…But a White House official, speaking on condition of anonymity, pushed back against the report in comments to Reuters…”

    Eff you and your no-name, fake news source, Reuters. Like your hero Alinsky said, “A tactic which drags on too long becomes a drag.” Try again later with something fresh.

  4. The only reason we would have a recession is from fear a Democrat would gain the White House. Money disappears long before taxes increase. That isn’t going to happen but the Democrats want the country to think it.

    Reducing payroll taxes could result in owing the Fed money. I would rather spend the refund.

  5. But a payroll tax cut doesn’t help the unemployed!

    – Every dipshit leftist

    Yea? Well, the Earned Income Tax Credit gives money to people who didn’t earn it.

    – Me


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