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Trump Sues Michael Cohen for $500 Million

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Former US President Donald Trump has filed a $500 million lawsuit against his former lawyer Michael Cohen. According to a source familiar with Trump’s legal team, the lawsuit against Cohen is unrelated to the Manhattan DA’s case.

Trump is seeking damages from Michael Cohen in a trial for compensatory, incidental, actual, and punitive losses.

The lawsuit states, “This is an action arising from [Cohen’s] multiple breaches of fiduciary duty, unjust enrichment, conversion and breaches of contract by virtue of [Cohen’s] past service as [Trump’s] employee and attorney.” MORE HERE

18 Comments on Trump Sues Michael Cohen for $500 Million

  1. President Trump is one of the VERY FEW people in this world that can actually afford to make Lawfare a two-way street.

    One of the reasons they hate him and Elon Musk so much.

  2. Legal Zoom
    Hope Michael Cohen has good legal insurance as it does not appear he has $500 million dollars in case he loses the case against him for being a shitty lawyer and doing shitty stuff like wiretapping his office to illegally record his own clients for conversion to blackmails and unjust fiduciary enrichments.

  3. Cohen is a dirtbag douche-bag fuckstick.
    That is so evident now with all the appearances on CNN & MSNBC.

    That said, does Trump ever take responsibility for his personnel failures and the backstabbers he surrounds himself with?
    I want the man to succeed but all I hear these days are him attacking true allies.
    Seriously, the only hit piece ad on TV these days are attacks on DeSantis.

  4. I wouldn’t have to if Trump did it himself, Holler.
    I would applaud him for it.
    It would show me that he has learned from it.
    Thing is, Trump still talks to Maggie Haberman & Bob Woodward, who write books blasting Trump, which means he doesn’t GAF about correcting course.

  5. Why is that an uh-oh, Brad?
    Trump beating someone at this point who is not even running is supposed to be a big deal?
    Trump just got a billion dollars worth of free press just last week.
    While Trump was being INDICTED, DeSantis was busy GOVERNING Florida.
    DeSantis passed a ton of conservative legislation wins as well.
    DeSantis wins while Trump is on the golf course.

    BTW, let’s look at polls from 2015 that had Trump at 1% vs Jeb Bush.
    We should ask President Jeb Bush what he thinks of polls…

  6. Speaking of Not Running . . .
    Someone else just announced their Presidential Run this morning or last night. Don’t remember who it was but pretty sure it was some guy.

  7. I bet Trump is polling higher than Joe Shit The Rag Man, Emily Latella, Elizabeth Holmes, Dr. Smith of Lost In Space, Snoop Dog, Rumpelstiltskin, Page Spiranac, Uncle Milty, and Jussie Smollett, none of those folks have declared either.

    The things that some people get wood over.

  8. You guys kill me. If it was the other way around you two never Trumpers would be slapping each others naked asses. With numbers like that Ronda better not declare. He’s wasting his time and other peoples money.


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