Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld tag team the Media

Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld do a hilarious satirical segment after the media lost their mind over Tucker’s Trump eclipse joke.

13 Comments on Tucker Carlson and Greg Gutfeld tag team the Media

  1. Watching Tucker and a Guest, is Like Watching Passengers in a Car .
    Watch Tuckers Expressions, and You Can See How He Feels About Each Guests Driving !!!

  2. Same Same Brad, much better than when he was on that other show.

    Humor, the media fall for it, and they get trampled with it. Love it! Fake news back in their faces.

  3. I love the ridicule !

    very potent weapon.

    keep it up.

    news ? what news ? all I ever see on the “news programs” are not news but ignorant and or deceptive peoples opinions about the news.

  4. Tucker needs to dedicate one block every night to making fun of the left. His writers would only need to monitor this website, we find numerous bits everyday where the left can be mocked and ridiculed.

  5. This is the way it used to be – you could make fun of others and not be malicious and nasty. Not so with the lamestreamers who are now meanstreamers.

    Tucker and Greg rock.

  6. I just can’t get over that we’re only 7 mos. into Trump’s Presidency… and the media is completely unhinged. It’s to the point that if you *mention* something you saw or read on MSM… people look at you like you’re quoting a headline from the Weekly World News.
    Can you imagine where they’ll be in a year from now? How about 2years?

  7. The ‘Right’ is now the odd man out, laughing at the ‘establishment’s’ attempt to hold onto power, who knew?
    Ridicule, first arrow out of my quiver, sarcasm is a quick second shot.

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