Tucker Carlson: Democrats are not serious about protecting you – IOTW Report

Tucker Carlson: Democrats are not serious about protecting you

Fox News host Tucker Carlson gives his take on President Biden’s speech addressing gun violence on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

11 Comments on Tucker Carlson: Democrats are not serious about protecting you

  1. “You want a helping hand?”
    “Look on the end of your arm.”

    Open borders, the land flooded by illegal-alien invading rat-people, “gun” control, supply-chain issues, FearPorn, Wuhan Flu, Inflation, Anti-Semitism, Racist Divisiveness – it should be plain to the densest among us that the Demonrats are destroying this country one slice at a time.

    They’re not protecting you because they want you to die – by disease, starvation, or the sword (metaphorically) – it matters not a whit.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  2. A Mexican escapee kills a grand dad and his 4 grand children. No BOTL. Hardly a legacy media peep yet reverse the skin colors and Katy bar the fucking door.

    Shit is whack.

  3. Needy-Greedy-Rat-People……
    You get to pay for your replacement
    and you get to pay for your guns to
    be taken away.What a deal !

  4. How much money do the Congressional duffuses spend on private security?
    That we get to pay for.

  5. I’ll go one further with this. The evil democrats want your guns in order to make it easier for them to kill you. They’re like every power mad totalitarian group in history. They’re just so fucking nuts that they think they are the exact opposite of that.

  6. I’ll go one further, your a fuckn idiot moron,dipstick! Your doin quite the good job killing your children, abortion, you took it to the next level! = A Donkeys behind.

  7. The meat by-product white supremacist Joe Biden and democrat party along with accomplices have every intention to kill Americans, though starting with blacks and minorities. This has been planned for decades which is why they NEVER speak against black-on-black crime, murders, and poverty while trying to force the covid vaxx on them, put into place false flag incidents with black and hispanic children slaughtered, and why they NEVER challenge the steady influx into the nation of illegal firearms and drug trafficking. Add the horrid fact that recently the (D-NY) false governor Kathy Hochul and the Dept of Health issued a message to blacks and hispanics paper posters which state drug addiction (heroin, fentanyl, crack-cocaine) is “empowering”. Hochul and the sinister DoH know well that the majority of addicts are within the minority populations and want to kill them off with their own illegal drugs. Add the ugly fact that Fauci himself murdered countless orphaned black and hispanic children and babies with his vile unapproved experiments and tests, then had them buried in Westchester, NY. This took place during the 1980s-1990s to present time via some suspect covid (test) vax and unnecessary multiple boosters.

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