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Tucker Carlson Is Making Cable News Great Again

DC: Tucker Carlson’s new Fox primetime show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” is turning heads and attracting a large audience — the news network even broke records in November.

Fair and feisty, the founder of The Daily Caller grasps America outside the elite media bubble.

This exclusive video interview with him for The Daily Caller News Foundation has a candid Carlson riffing on the media’s gaffes, President-elect Donald Trump’s win, American culture, his background and more. He even discusses why he fell asleep one morning on “Fox and Friends,” something his friends have mercilessly teased him about.

Carlson says “the entertainment industry is pushing perverse things on America,” further coarsening the country’s toxic culture. He rejects the label of being intolerant for thinking traditional families help children thrive — marriage works and is worth fighting for, he says.

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12 Comments on Tucker Carlson Is Making Cable News Great Again

  1. I’ve really enjoyed watching the episodes I’ve been able to see. He can really decimate libtard guests, and he’s so nice while he is doing it.

  2. Tucker would make a great candidate for starting up a new entertainment and news channel that resets honest journalism.

  3. Tucker has turned in to must see TV. He knows how to go for the jugular, when needed. Good going Fox, now unload Geraldo, Shemp Smith, Megyn and your ratings will soar even higher.

  4. And he deserves the 9 p.m. time slot.
    Rumor is the current occupant believes she’s the best and needs a better home elsewhere.

  5. I am grouchy and not easily won over, esp by media, but I’ve liked the few clips I’ve seen of Tucker. I like his friendly disarming style where he does not talk much, and allows the liberal Marxist SJW interviewees to expertly and efficiently dig themselves into a pit

  6. I don’t like him for how he and Daily Caller went after Herman Cain.

    That said, I’ve enjoyed the clips I’ve seen on sites like this and should consider watching the show at some point.

    Just like Daily Caller should have considered Cain at some point.

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