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Tucker Carlson: “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg is not gay

Carlson said one of his producers (who is gay) Buttigieg was dating women a few years before he became whatever he thinks he’s doing now.

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  1. Lots of gay guys used to date or marry women as cover for their real urges. Of course, I don’t see the need for someone like Butt-plug to do something like that: the D’s have long openly embraced homosexuality, so trying to camouflage it doesn’t make much sense.

  2. Maybe we need to ask Whoopedi if he’s gay, or if he’s gay gay.

    To be gay gay, you must be a catcher when someone hung like Mooch is the pitcher.

  3. Tucker hasn’t gotten around much. Sure, Buttigieg dated women. He probably had to hide being a queer at the start of his political career to comply with straight financial donors. Besides, as a queer he’s very useful to the left. An asset in the Biden Administration.

    Tucker’s producer is hoodwinking him. Queers are extremely delusional and deceitful. They constantly lie to themselves and everyone else about their sick lifestyles.
    They are motivated to have same sex “relationships” for lots of reasons – shame, trauma, rebellion, mental illness, attention, manipulation, grooming, lust or just evil intent. God only knows.

    Can’t really trust who queers say they are because most are “Out and Proud” agenda driven.


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