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Tulsi Gabbard Is Not a Zelensky Fan

Tulsi Gabbard and Tucker Carlson discuss Zelensky. “He has threatened to punish any Christian caught worshipping in unapproved ways.”

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  1. Again the unveiling of the hypocrisy of the Uniparty led by Biden, Nancy Pelosi, McCarthy, Schumer and Mitch McCONnell.
    Sending $Billions to protect Foreign borders and foreign wars.
    The more money sent to foreign countries further devalues the US Dollar and increased inflation here at home.
    The Uniparty interests aren’t the interests of Americans, US Borders, our economy or our Nation.

  2. What makes Zelensky any better than Putin?

    Or Biden?

    they all are dictators or “oligrarks” as the newspeak of the 21st century calls them. They sure ain’t Winston Churchill that’s for sure.

    Sorry children of America – Uncle Joe gave all your birthright away to some 3rd world shit-hole.

  3. Bans opposition political parties…check

    Asserts state control of all media…check

    Prevents foreign reporters in war zone…check

    Prosecutes religious expression not approved by state…check

    Parades around in pseudo-military garb…check

    We used to hate guys like this, not kiss their ass and call them Churchill.


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