Tune out the histrionics for one minute and look at the facts

PatriotRetort: It is exceedingly difficult to have an intelligent debate on the facts when one side refuses to even acknowledge they exist.

The hyperventilating hysteria over President Trump’s Executive Order halting immigration from terror-linked countries is so far removed from reality, it’s impossible to reason with these people.

This isn’t about “values” or “being a good Christian” or “fascism” or “xenophobia.”

It’s about protecting and defending the United States and its people.

You know. What a President is supposed to do.

So forget the histrionics.

Forget the insincere “pull-at-your heartstrings” claptrap being burped out by supposed “progressives” and look at the facts.

Europe is under assault.

This isn’t a “refugee crisis.”

It is Hijrah — or Jihad by Emigration.

Islamist invaders are destroying Western Europe.

Let’s look at the facts.

Since Sweden opened its doors to migrants from Islamist countries, the incidents of sexual assault have increased by over 1400%.

That’s not a typo. Fourteen hundred percent.

Sweden has become the rape capital of Europe.

At least for now. Since 2015, Germany is doing its best to strip Sweden of that title.

But it isn’t just rape these migrants bring.

Violent crime has increased as well.

And then there’s the increase in terrorist attacks.

ISIS has secreted itself among supposed refugees.  MORE

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  1. The Constitution is not a device to provide protections to non-citizens all around the globe. It is exclusively for United States of America citizens. Call comrade Merkel, she loves terrorists.

  2. Well, started racking up last night the people who delete me off their friend list. On the plus side, I “spoke” with two who had retorts to a certain point, then stopped answering, so here’s hoping something struck a note and they actually began to think about what I said and admitted to themselves they hadn’t had all the facts.

  3. Gonna be pissed if we gotta kick a bunch of funny speaking focks out of the US again.
    This time it will be much more than 3%.
    Get it?
    Got it.

  4. My wife is not remotely Leftist but has often been swayed into uncertainty by the emotional manipulation and fact twisting on FB (she knows basically what’s what but is not a completely reality-hardened person…yet). Women who she trusts and respects spew the same word for word propaganda I hear from women at work, who also got it where? FB. So she sometimes doesn’t know what to believe.

    Over the past few weeks we’ve quarreled over it…I’ve warned her not to trust the BS pumped out on shill-filled FB…and now she’s starting to ask me for counter sources of info. On this very topic just last night, in fact.

    She’s smarter than me but I’m shrewder and have always been a far better judge of human nature, and she knows it. I think the light is starting to come on full brightness on these matters but I keep warning her of one thing above all else: there are women she knows (or *thinks* she knows) on FB, some of them “friends,” who if the Left gains the absolute power it seeks, would force us both to kneel in the ditch and shoot us in the head, or stand by approvingly as it’s done to us. History proves time and again that human nature does not change.

    Sorry for the rantspill.

  5. I sure hope President Trump is reading these intellectual arguements so he can see the assurrance that he has from the thinkers in the Republic.

    The media is shitting itself day and night, without even taking a moment to clean itself off.

  6. Grool, consider this, Eve was deceived and Adam was persuaded by her folly. It’s the human condition.

    Then again, Eve was the most beautiful woman in creation. It’s easy to see why he followed her in her folly.

    Grool, what am I saying? You are a good man.

  7. Unfortunately, we still do not appreciate what the problem truly is… Human history has very few examples of religions who were simply too evil for any civilized society to tolerate…BUT, there have been a few. When society finally accepts 1400 years of evidence of the evil that is Islam, we will either surrender or we will actually begin to fight. If society wins, then Islam will join that select group of religions.

    The really sad part is that the last sentence began with the word “If”.

    To see where America is heading if we do not change course, just look to Germany or France. They have large areas within those countries that are “No go zones” where the police dare not go. Care to guess what religion/political entity runs ALL of the “No go zones”? Could it be the evil Christians? No, guess again…

    MSG Grumpy

  8. Thumper,

    I am not a good man but I do appreciate the compliment. You are on to something though — Eve was deceived but Adam chose with his eyes wide open. He blamed Eve but KNEW he’d sinned. I’ve known older, wiser Christian women who acknowledged what almost no other woman will: there is a fundamental flaw of deceivableness in women that most men tend to lack.

  9. Of course that’s not to say men cannot be deceived; but being on average less emotional and far more hard-minded by nature, it’s usually tougher to fool a man when he his wits about him. Chick flicks are called that for a reason — emotional button-pushing is not as effective for most men as for women. Sometimes it just ticks us off.

  10. Aaaannnnnnnnnnd…. we’re still waiting for the first Million Moderate Muzlim March demonstrating against iSlamic Terrorism. These Mindless Murdering Muzlims have been committing indiscriminate death and destruction for over 1400 years. World conquest and domination is their stated goal. Killing infidels is what they do and they’ll still be at it 1400 years from now! Nothing grows where islam goes!
    At what point do these Liberal children stop thinking iSlam is the “religion of peace” and that they’re just goofing around? Guess what Snowflakes! They don’t think like you and me, but they are damn sure counting on YOU thinking like YOU!
    The radical Muzlims want to kill us and the moderate muzlims are perfectly content with the radical muzlims killing us! 15 years of 30,215 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11 (and counting) should be all the proof that is needed!
    Like it or not we are in a war and it is epic.
    You don’t coddle it.
    You don’t negotiate with it.
    You send it back to the Hell it came from by killing it!
    It’s just that simple.

  11. I have friends from Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and they all say the same thing, some with broken English, ‘Good, Trump is keeping out the trouble makers’. Did I mention all of the friends I listed are Christians who escaped muzz persecution?

  12. Can anyone name a difference between the KKK and Islam (not just ISIS). If not, why do we want another hate group in the US?

  13. Rape (including the subcategory of “rape rape”) is a very poor metric. After a century of Progress™, Liberace (in his current state of virility) would be a female sexual assault epidemic among the Europeon castrati.

  14. Can we deport Obama & keep him out of the country as an undesirable ?

    I knew it wouldn’t be long until Obama became a PITA, he released a statement encouraging the street protest, because what Trump is doing Is unAmerican. We’ve just finished 8 years seeing proof that he has no idea what American is. No one needs to be tuned out more than him.

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