Twitter Deletes Video of Prince Harry Begging Disney to Give Meghan a Job

“So funny that he’s asking for a job on behalf of his wife, a feminist”

Breitbart Europe:A video showing Prince Harry begging the head of Disney for voiceover work for his wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has been deleted from Twitter for allegedly violating the platform’s “copyright policy”.

Twitter has come under fire after the Silicon Valley tech-giant removed videos from the 2018 red carpet premiere for the Lion King, showing Prince Harry pitching his wife’s skill as a voiceover actor to the CEO of Disney, Bob Iger.

“It disappeared as I was watching the Prince Harry / Megan video where he is asking and telling the Disney head that she does voice overs and would like a job etc.,. They have taken all videos down [sic]”, wrote one user.

Twitter claimed that the decision to remove the video was based on copyright complaints made against the post — but the video can still be found in other posts on the site.

“Per our copyright policy, we respond to valid copyright complaints sent to us by a copyright owner or their authorized representatives”, the tech giant told the Daily Mail.

In the video, Prince Harry can be heard saying to the studio boss “You do know she does voiceovers?” pressing the point that Meghan is “really interested” in working for Disney.

“We’d love to try. That’s a great idea”, replied the Disney boss. read more

32 Comments on Twitter Deletes Video of Prince Harry Begging Disney to Give Meghan a Job

  1. Even worse, Hairy No Balls blew off an event to honor fallen soldiers to instead attend the Lion King premiere where he grovelled for Disney to hire his yacht girl wife.

  2. In reading the article, this line really jumps out at you

    “Steve Cortez, a CNN contributor and member of the Trump Hispanic Advisory Council…”

    Some advisors he has working for him. PFFHHT

  3. I believe he is a former advisor Explains. In December of 2017 he did call for an end to chain migration. Working for CNN does make one question….well, everything.

  4. Look what this malignant narcissist woman reduced this poor scmuck harry to! So, so sad.

    The queen would be wise to cut him off so she dumps him for someone richer. Maybe he can then salvage his life.

  5. Prince Harry, the Duke of Sucksit, serves as Captain General of the Royal Marines. On September 22, 1989, the IRA bombed the Royal Marines’ barracks at Deal, Kent. Eleven Royal Marines were killed and twenty-one were seriously injured in this terrorist attack that destroyed the barracks. Princeyboy was invited to the memorial service honoring the Royal Marines who were killed and injured by the IRA. Apparently, Her Royal Hustlers decided that it was more important to attend Disney’s “Lion King” London premiere so that he could hustle Bob Iger for a voiceover job for his unemployed actress wife, the Duchess of Really Sucksit. It was Princely sacrifice for his progressive wife. They have made it known that they won’t be moving back to her hometown of Compton until President Trump is no longer in office.

  6. “They have made it known that they won’t be moving back to her hometown of Compton until President Trump is no longer in office.”

    too bad Trump has to step down after his second term

  7. Poor Harry, decided that his leftist skank wife was more important then his position in his family. He’s gonna look real good on the street corner selling pencils.

  8. Who cares?
    I never heard of her (and only little of him) until the past couple of days.

    Pretend people pretending to have pretend problems?
    (another limey soap opera)


    izlamo delenda est …

  9. I am not a fan of the monarchy system but when you are going to quit the family business you have the spine to tell Grandma and Daddy first. Not the press.
    She is not liked anywhere she goes.
    She must be something else in the sack to have such control over this whimpy guy. Or he’s just a whimpy guy.

  10. Harry: “I’d like my wife to get a job with Disney.”

    Iger: “I’m not sure you understand how things work here in Hollywood, your highness. Here’s some Mickey Mouse knee pads. Now, open wide, either end will do.”

  11. I’m very confused by these two….
    They want to be self sufficient and have their “own lives”.
    They’re heldup in Vancouver in a billionaires compound and the Canadian government is providing $$$ for their security.

    So much for self sufficiency….

  12. You can be a CNN contributor and still be Republican.
    Geraldo and some other libs are FOX contributors who show up on Hannity’s and Tucker’s shows.

  13. Geraldo is a republican like McCain was a republican. Both have given plenty of reasons why the republican party is roundly despised by many.

  14. Royal Prince Howdy Doody gives a public demonstration of his groveling technique that has served him so well in the bedroom.

  15. He married a sucubus. Classic control freak separating him from his family, isolating him. Would not be surprised if she is physically abusive. Big mistake. Good luck with that!

  16. Megan Markle is the perfect Disney character.

    She could be the antaonist to Sleeping Beauty since she’s the ugly Queen of Woke.

    But it is nice to see them “making it on their own” by cashing in on their skill of being born or married into royalty.

  17. MJA,
    You can also be a flaming RINO hack and go on Hannity multiple times in a week. Just ask Lindsey. the only thing I find interesting about Geraldo is he was admitted to practice law before the SCOTUS. Aside from that he’s an immense D-nozzle. Chief Justice Roberts probably has Geraldo’s bathroom selfie framed in his office.

  18. “Any bets on what type of “accident” is in store for the Duchess of Sussex?”

    How ’bout leaked tapes on PornHub or Brazzers? LMAO

  19. Two things:

    1) IDGAF about a royal anything,
    2) This is all a ploy by Harry who is three jumps behind the throne. He joined the military like John McCain, Kerry, Al Gore and Pete Buttigeig did.

    To run for office one day. Or, in his case, to jump in line.


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