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Twitter had internal ‘Fauci Fan Club’ Slack channel

BPR: There were many remarkable things learned during the Covid-19 pandemic, including how quick so many Americans were to embrace an authoritarian government. But another phenomenon that stands out was the embrace of Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert who would be the first to tell you that he and science are one and the same.

Like most things today, when it comes to Fauci things line up along political lines. If you’re on the right, you have questions about his actions, beginning with his support for gain-of-function research, which is a leading candidate in the cause of a virus that killed more than a million Americans, assuming we can believe the stats provided by the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

On that note, new Twitter CEO Elon Musk shared on the social media platform Wednesday that the left-wing “tech bros” running the company had a Slack channel titled “Fauci Fan Club.”

Musk responded with gusto to a tweet from venture capitalist Marc Andreessen about whether Fauci had ever lied, sharing a link to a Newsweek article about Fauci being “untruthful” about Wuhan lab research when testifying before Congress. The article linked to a Sept. 2021 story by The Intercept that found the Fauci-led National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases provided funds to research “gain-of-function research of concern.” more here

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  1. Meanwhile his Tesla stock is dropping faster than a hot potato. Overpriced EV company lost over 40% of it’s value this month. Elon sold what 40 billion dollars worth of Tesla at the beginning of December, looks like sounds like insider trading. But hey deflect stories away from his own problems.

  2. Elon effectively became a whistleblower for the corruption that is thoroughly infesting Big Government and Big Business. It’s unfortunate that the Left has so infiltrated all levers of power. We are lucky to have a person who recognized the corruption and figured out how to counteract it to a substantial degree, and he is willing to sacrifice greatly doing so. This country needs more patriots like Elon.

  3. Looks like Elon jr commenting here, has some hidden love for Mr. Musk, Otherwise, Why would he take the name? Anyway, Jr is believing the N. Korean style propaganda that most News stations have become. Elon hasn’t lost anything.

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