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Twitter Now Labels NPR as “US State Media”

GatewayPundit: Twitter made another change this week labeling National Public Radio (NPR) as “US State-Affiliated Media.”

This was long overdue.

NPR is a state-funded media outlet that exclusively reports with a Marxist pro-Democrat slant. The outlet frequently pushes fake news on Russian conspiracies and everything related to COVID.

This is good news.

7 Comments on Twitter Now Labels NPR as “US State Media”

  1. When Tommy of Click and Clack, the Tappet bros. and Car Talk on NPR died from Alzheimer’s 10 or more years ago that was when I finally quit listening to NPR. Those 2 guys (Ray and his brother Tommy) were 2 of the funniest ever on Car Talk and the only reason that I was still listening to NPR. Especially Tommy with his infectious, hilarious laughter when asked dumb questions about cars from his mostly clueless audience.

  2. “Truth In Advertising”
    Finally! About time!
    (still not getting a Twatter account)

  3. The tragedy here is that had “the most liberal man in Congress for 50 years” -Al Gore 1996 VP debate- not blocked ronny 8 straight years NPR would not be here!

    Reason #4 or 5 I did not vote Bob in ’96!

    Were not so many GOP immoral, liberal liars America would be a much better place today!


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