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Tyranny Always Starts with a Little Prick

American Thinker:

Ten years ago, when Tea Party Patriot groups were popping up all over America to fight back against Obamacare’s socialized medicine and its expansion of the welfare state, it was common to hear the battle framed as one between “makers” and “takers,” a rebuke by working-class Americans who knew they would ultimately be paying more in taxes for worse health care so that Americans who paid no taxes at all could have their “fair share.”  When people called out Obama and his medical mandates (you must have Obamacare, and Obamacare must cover abortions, “sex change” operations, and anything else the government decrees…) for orchestrating a federal takeover of one-fifth of the economy while inviting Big Brother to peek behind the hospital curtain and spy on the private health decisions of every American, they were lambasted for not having enough empathy for those in need.  Obama was just implementing Romneycare on a national scale and walking in George Bush’s “compassionate conservative” footsteps, after all.  What could possibly go wrong?

Turns out an awful lot can go wrong awfully quickly.  Obamacare mandates have morphed into mask and lockdown and injection mandates.  Obama’s use of the NSA, IRS, and FBI to threaten conservative speech became redundant when Silicon Valley censorship boards jumped in to do the government’s bidding in the name of public health.  After conditioning Americans to recoil at anything deemed “hate speech” or “harmful misinformation,” the government has had a pretty easy time banning as “hateful” or “harmful” anybody still putting up a fight.  And after scaring enough Americans into thinking they would instantly die for breathing fresh air, the gangrenous Obama Gang has had no problem finding volunteers willing to spy on their neighbors, lock themselves behind closed doors, and demand implementation of government-issued travel papers for future movements of any kind. MORE

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  1. “Tea Party”, there is a blast from the past, I think they took every last one of these guys and either walked them into the woods and shot them or lobotomized ’em.

    Those notions; relegating most government services to the private sector, smaller government in general, the individual keeps the lion-share of his wages paying only the minimalist of taxes, which is only needed to keep the lights on, essentially government bottom-up and not top-down, these were the guiding tenets of the Tea Party. Now their only remaining remnants are what we see on the back of milk cartons.

  2. And now the WaPo is declaring that “anti-vax extremism” is the same as domestic terrorism. I reckon jab-resisters will be the next “high risk” group to be cattle-prodded into the CDC Camps.


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