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Tyrant Fauci Was Caught on Tape Wanting to ‘Make Lives Difficult’

Townhall: During testimony in front of the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Pandemic Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci was confronted with his own words by Republican Congressman Rich McCormick. McCormick is a decorated emergency room doctor who treated patients throughout the pandemic. 

Speaking during an audiobook interview in 2020, Fauci said opposition to vaccine mandates were “ideological bullsh*t” and argued that making people’s lives difficult would force them to comply with government mandates. 

“It’s been proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their idealogical bullsh*t and get vaccinated,” Fauci said. 

After being exposed to his own statement, Fauci claimed he was taken out of context. more

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  1. It was a big experiment to help shape an election and we were the lab rats. Fauci needs to be sentenced to spend the rest of his life in a box, die in that box and be buried in a different box.

  2. “It’s been proven that when you make it difficult for people in their lives, they lose their idealogical bullsh*t and get vaccinated,” Fauci said.

    Bullshit, you worthless sinful little punk.
    Some of us didn’t give in, and will never give in.
    Good luck in Hell.

  3. There is no doubt that this man is a certified psychopath. The history of his career reveals his all-consuming lust for power, highly developed trait of hubris and self-worth, complete disregard for life / humanity and most likely gets off on killing. This is a dangerous man.

  4. So we can interpret from his statement that the Constitution is just a bunch of idealogical bullshit as well! How many Americans did he impact by violating their Constitutional rights and why isn’t there a law suit for civil rights violations, public nuisance, conspiracy and other unlawful conduct against him?

  5. How is he any different than the Nazis doing their experiments on prisoners?
    He was the highest paid government employee in the United States and he was there to help.
    The trust and government, media, medical, pharmaceutical and education is gone won’t be coming back that check is canceled.

  6. While watching some of that hearing I realized what a great example Fauxci is of a psychopath/sociopath. He has no conscience and no remorse and doesn’t see anything wrong with what he did. He sees anyone who points out his demonic behavior at wrong.
    He truly is evil.
    And comparisons to Josef Mengele are perfectly appropriate.
    Can Congress remove his pension?

  7. The damage that little prick inflicted on people, who he views as experimental subjects, is still playing out and will for some time. He is a vile, evil little monster.

  8. How about this:

    Disarticulate his limbs so he can FEEL them and somewhat move them, but because of the shoulders and hips being dislocated he cant effectively move them.

    lay this twitching torso down on a bed of upturned vaxxx needles, to pin it in place. Leave the limbs dangle for maximum pain and terror.

    Then, invite every vaxxx injured person and everyone who loved a vaxxx injured person to inject him with his own poison, in whatever location seems best to them. Be sure to have cut his clothes off before proceeding to maximize available vaxxx sites. Eyes and mouth are not off limits, but mark off major vessels to be avoided so everyone gets a turn with him still alive.

    When the front is shredded, flip him over on the bed of needles, face and genitals down on them, and start on his back.

    Revive as needed if he passes out or has a cardiac event. He needs to be there for a lot of people.

    Should he somehow survive this despite being injected to the point of all of his flesh being macerated by Pfizer’s Finest, slide him sideways off his bed of needles so they break off inside him and dangle him living from a gibbeted cage, designed to again dangle his disarticulated limbs so gravity has a fair chance to stretch them till they tear off. Stand by with a hand blowtorch to immediately cauterize the torn vessels.

    Unfortunately you cant throw whats left to the dogs that he also tormented, but feel free to throw his wife and children to them, preferably BEFORE subjecting him to all of the foregoing, that he may enjoy their screams echoing the terror he subjected the whole world to, and know that his poisoinous line ends with him.

    That he failed so completely that even his foul genes would not survive him.

    As for his corpse, nearly liquified with all the mRNA, reduce this in an industrial blender to the consistency of runny cheese, let it rot a bit, then force feed it to all the heads of the pharmaceutical companies that knowingly joined in this evil, but hold some back for Bill Gates.

    He was a small gnome, so make sure they swallow every last drop, with a rammer if need be. Waste not, after all.

    Then cauterize their lips shut so they choke on the vomit.

    All of this televised of course, all over the world but especially to the cells of Democrats that are awaiting their turn. Not really as a coming attraction as not all are worthy of more than a bullet, but as a harbinger of their executions soon to come and that they know that a peaceful, painless, and dignified death is simply not in the cards…

  9. He is not one damn bit worse and the motivation is the same for anyone and everyone who uttered a single syllable advocating for or defending injecting anyone else against their will. Every single solitary one of them deserves to be stripped of all assets, have their assets handed over to those who suffered damage resulting from their actions and then die shitting in their pants while being hung by the neck until dead.

  10. Downblog, under the last post on Little Tony (“Bullshizzle”), I compared him to Jim Jones/Jonestown. Jonestown had its true believers who enthusiastically drank the Flavor-Ade, but many were coerced by those volunteers, many were forcibly injected, many saw no future and just gave up to it, and the hard line holdouts were gunned down.

    It was said that Jones either committed suicide with a gun or ordered someone else to shoot him. Either way, I think it was his plan B, because his plan A was to escape to the Soviet Union with several suitcases of cash he’d amassed from the social security payments to Jonestown residents, plus other monies they were made to forfeit to the commune leader.

    Fauci didn’t have to order his own murder and he made off with millions given to him by the pharma companies who owed him for their spectacular gains from “vaccines”.

    This is a tough question, I know, but who is the better man: Little Tony or Jim Jones? At least Jones, somewhere under his drug-addled brain, realized the jig was up and were he to get caught he’d spend the rest of his life in prison and his Utopian/Communist dream would be ridiculed forever. Little Tony doesn’t even have that much character going for him. Little Tony is a sociopath and despicable coward. But the fish rots from the head. We must acknowledge that Little Tony did all that he did from within the legal protection of the three branches of our federal government.

  11. Mass murderers should not be treated like human beings. Nor should their hundred thousand plus co-conspirators in federal, state, and local government, the medical community, the MSM, and even the social media platforms.

  12. @MrLiberty — It’s the eternal temptation, isn’t it? But our nation was founded on and is made exceptional by this: the Christian/Judeo bedrock of liberty and justice for all.

    I think we broke our covenant with God when we began to place all our emphasis on liberty, and walked away from justice. Justice is vital to the protection of our very soul.

  13. @MrLiberty — Should we differentiate between a man who deliberately and with forethought murders a million people and a man who causes a million people to die through depraved indifference? And if so, how do we deal with each?

  14. AbigailAdams
    WEDNESDAY, 5 JUNE 2024, 11:24 AT 11:24 AM
    “…I compared him to Jim Jones/Jonestown…”

    …Jim Jones was a complete monster, but he has ONE trait that makes him vastly preferable to Fauci.

    He’s dead.


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