U of Wisconsin: A Funny Halloween Costume is Oppressive

The Center for Cultural Enrichment (CCE) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is warning students that if your Halloween costume is funny, it’s more than likely that you’re exploiting oppressed people.

That message, along with other suggestions about avoiding “cultural appropriation,” was posted on fliers around campus in the previous few days. It was first reported by iOTW Report.

Sheets of paper were put up in different buildings at the college titled, “Does my Halloween Costume Promote Cultural Appropriation?” It asks questions about your Halloween costume, then answers how that could be oppressing people:

“Is your costume racially, ethnically, or culturally based?” the sheet asks. “If it is, then it’s probably racist and may promote appropriation,” it answers (emphasis theirs).

The CCE also claims that you are likely exploiting the oppressed if you wear a funny Halloween costume because, “A harsh majority of humorous or erotic costumes are of marginalized and oppressed groups of people.”

Halloween, the flier concludes, is not a “day of exception” where you get to dress up like someone you’re not.

The University of Wisconsin is also planning an event to warn students about cultural appropriation on October 26:

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  1. So this Halloween everyone dress like the only non-oppressed group of people known as crackers and expect more privilege, ahem, candy. eh? What exactly is wrong with the Bruce Jenner costume then?

  2. Gee, where will that leave Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Some of the absolute funniest, most thought provoking costumes I’ve ever seen. People work for a year to think up and execute really good costumes.

  3. “Remember that you can’t just borrow someone else’s culture or race for a day. It doesn’t work that way.”

    No Jackass, it DOES work that way. That’s what the day is for, dressing as something that you’re not. For one day. Halloween.

  4. I thought that “appropriation” had to do with money. Looks like college professors are semi-literate as well as batshyt crazy.

  5. They have illustrated their posters with a spider for Halloween. Spiders have their own culture and have long been oppressed by the dominant power culture of man. Is Halloween a get out of cultural appropriation jail free card? No. There is no get out of cultural appropriation jail free card. Wherever that cultural appropriation jail is they need to get locked up there.

    Where is cultural appropriation jail?

  6. I still want to find and wear the costume from several years ago that was pulled, the “illegal alien” with the orange prison jump suit and the gray space alien mask.
    Go ahead. Show me the culture, the oppression, the racism, the ethnicity in a made up non-existent character. I dare ya. Ya f**kin’ buncha turds.

  7. Now that’s a GREAT idea Czar!! Lolol!

    As for the lofo miscreants who dream up this bs….I guess when you start getting your bills from attending college, you’ll join the real world! Or not.

  8. #2(and it is):”You can’t borrow someone’s culture or race for a day.”

    Really? How about Rachel Doh!lezol? Shut up Wisconsin.

  9. Notice the person(s) that made the flier are hiding behind the moniker CCE, and not publishing their names. Probably because, if you ever saw one of them, you’d want to tell them to take off their ‘ugly’ costume.

  10. What to do? Simple!
    Dress up as Medusa, and wear a sign around your neck,
    “I’m NOT Medusa…just another feminist!”

  11. My Mom made me a costume in 5th grade that won a prize for best costume in the classroom. It was Aunt Jemimah. I guess that’s out of the question this year?!

  12. Boo2 — haahaha! My husband’s costume one year was Aunt Jemimah! Black face and all (of course). It was hysterically funny! Even 20-some years ago there were several PC jerks who were just shocked at it because they probably felt they had to be. Idiots.

  13. Yes, by all means dress up as a pirate. Have a hook hand and eye patch to disparage the differently abled. Talk funny in order to make fun of the speech challenged. Wear brightly colored clothes in order to offend the LGBT (and XYZPDQ whatever crowd), and a fake head scarf in order to be racist against those who wear do rags.

    See, I can suck the fun and whimsey out of anything with the best of them. Now I need a safe room.

  14. So I guess these idiots think “cultural appropriation” when they see an Asian wearing cowboy boots or a black guy wearing a tux. What a bunch of pathetic idiots.

  15. I like the logic ” imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” If I “borrow’ someone’s culture to dress as them, it is not an insult it is a complement. If someone dresses in a white shirt, taped glasses and a pocket protector, this here engineer will be the first to laugh.
    So whether it is sport’s team mascot, or a Halloween costume
    take is a compliment and go on with life. And that goes for blackface and Charlie chan look a likes too.

  16. You want a gray mask – why gray? Because you cannot bring yourself to make someone from another world completely brown or black, but insist on demonstrating some of your white privilege by going with gray. It’s offensive and racist to assume that a being from another planet would prefer to be a “white Hispanic” or bi-racial instead of proudly brown or black.

    Then you combine your gray mask with an orange prison jumpsuit. Just because some sort of being is gray and not completely white, you naturally assume that they must be a criminal of some type. How racist can you be? Not all brown or black people are criminals, and since this being is not incarcerated, the implication is that his, her or its white privilege is the only thing keeping him, her or it out of prison. And don’t get me started on the whole “jump suit” thing – you are bringing unwarranted adverse connotations to sexually ambiguous people everywhere.

    Hey, UW-Madison is calling – I guess the perpetually outraged by everything schtick is working and they want to offer me a lucrative position with the university.

  17. It’s offensive that black, asian, muslim and ‘latin’ people could wear zip-up pants and button down shirts that they so cavalierly APPROPRIATE from their oppressors !

    These are the caucasian man’s clothes. Those folks must wear dashikis, and tunics and other non-western garb that ‘belong’ to their culture.

    UW must be a place of higher larning. (sic / sarc)

  18. That’s it. I had planned on ignoring Halloween like I do every year. But you people are seriously going to make me dress as Rachel Dolezal this year. And I’ll be offending EVERYONE before I’m done.

  19. I remember when in Lancaster CA, a bunch of people decided to party wearing prison costumes. A few people noticed these guys scattered into the desert and the police were called and… Well, good times were not had by all. LOL!
    The following year, people were asked not to wear anything “prison related” on Halloween anymore.

  20. They should all dress like the asshole that came up with the flyers.
    “Who are you dressed as?”
    — A bleeding asshole.

  21. It is now against the ‘code’ to celebrate cultures other than your own. Don’t you dare celebrate Singapore or Hong Kong. Don’t dare celebrate Europe or Africa. Don’t dare celebrate South America! Celebrating other cultures is insulting to those cultures. Who says so? Cracker cheeseheads from Wisconsin are offended for you if you are a member of another culture being celebrated by some individual.

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