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U.S. judge rejects Jill Stein bid for Pennsylvania recount

reuters:Β Dec 12 – A U.S. judge in Pennsylvania on Monday rejected Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s request for a recount of the state’s ballots in last month’s presidential election and an examination of voting machines for evidence of hacking.

The decision came on the same day that Wisconsin election officials expect to complete their state’s recount, although the results will not change the outcome.

Stein, who finished fourth in the election behind President-elect Donald Trump, had challenged the results in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. All of those traditionally Democratic strongholds supported Trump, a Republican, in the Nov. 8 vote.

The Michigan Supreme Court on Friday denied Stein’s last-ditch appeal to secure a recount there.


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  1. The price greed and envy exact are beyond bad….She has ruined her career, her hobby, her integrity, her reputation, and her name. All because she took the dirty Clinton bribe. Deserves the scorn that she earned for the remainder of her short life. Goodbye Jill Stein. You are reprehensible!

  2. Obama “ordered” the recount take place in Michigan until massive Democrat voter fraud was found in Detroit. It was immediately stopped. There will be no more recounts until 2020 and the Right voters have forgotten about Detroit.

  3. Stein sucks the BIG ONE on the world stage!


  4. Notice how the political establishment is going out of its way to stop recounts as soon as they start showing that urban precincts in Detroit show endemic fraud in favor of democrats.

  5. The voter fraud wasn’t large enough to defeat the upsurge of Americans voting to save America. I’m sure the recount is a method of researching how to enact even greater voter fraud in the future. Sometimes you need data to support your bullshit opinions and voter shenanigans.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. Hey, if Jill has extra money to spend, and I know she does, why not recount NV? Start in Clark County. Lots of illegals voted here. Ga head. I fucking dare you.

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