U.S. Marshals Apprehend Fugitive Accused of Scamming Veterans

Authorities have taken Scott Kohn into custody for an accused “billion dollar Ponzi scheme” that targeted vulnerable veterans.

Kohn was caught on a San Diego beach as he fled arresting officers. The accused and his company, Future Income Payments, were indicted in Greenville, South Carolina, in March. Federal charges included conspiracy to commit mail fraud, and wire fraud.

A civil suit has also been filed by Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, asking for an order that Kohn and his various corporate entities pay more than a half billion dollars.

“It’s one of the largest, if not the largest, fraud case brought in the district of South Carolina,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Watkins told The Greenville News and Anderson Independent Mail. Kohn allegedly targeted veterans and unwary investors in what his former employees described as a “one billion dollar Ponzi scheme.”

Authorities said Kohn spent his ill-gotten gains on multi-million dollar houses in Los Angeles and Los Vegas, as well as luxury cars and expensive artwork. read more

10 Comments on U.S. Marshals Apprehend Fugitive Accused of Scamming Veterans

  1. I have family in the military and they are constantly getting ripped off by legitimate business.

    A favorite is when a guy gets deployed and he calls cable to put a hold on his account till he returns in a year they say ok done. When he returns he finds that they are still charging full price, turned him to the credit bureau and added penalty and interest. Total scum.

  2. What?
    He took over scamming from the VA?
    Who dafuq scams Veterans more than the gov’t?
    My Dad was promised Socialist Security benefits if he participated in WWII – which he did – and then, under Carter, he was told his retirement would be reduced a dollar for dollar equivalent of his SS benefit!

    Not if done by a Demonrat with the backing of a Demonrat Congress!

    And the VA hospitals are killing them by the hundreds?
    But that ain’t a scam?

    izlamo delenda est …


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