UK company to sell knives with square tips after sharp rise in knife crime

The knives were “repeatedly tested to ensure the tip does not pierce skin intentionally or otherwise”

They still have sharp edges to cut with, though. Did they test those?

FOX: A cutlery company in England has designed a new line of kitchen knives with square tips in an effort to reduce the rising knife crime that has plagued the United Kingdom.

The Viners firm, founded in Sheffield in 1908, created the “Assure” range of blunt-tipped knives after knife-related crime reached a record high in England and Wales last year. read more

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  1. Awesome idea! That should keep the British public safe!

    Of course, if Muslims ever start using something else that’s sharp and pointy to randomly murder infidels, the British are still screwed… but hey! They’re doing something!

  2. Forks, metal nail files, sharpened spoons, glass shards, those same knives with the tips modified (lol), Legos…
    Have they banned acid yet?
    Have they banned rape yet?

  3. If the criminals had a sense of humor they would start using screwdrivers just to enjoy the government’s reaction.

  4. …a slash is quicker, more effective, and requires WAY less precision than a stab, anyway.

    Muzzies don’t STAB your head off, idiots.

    …without going into details, there’s 6 places I can kill you with a 1″ slash, and one BIG place I can IMMEDIATELY take you out of the fight with a nonprecision slash from, and deal with you at my leisure after that as it’s not immediately fatal, but you’re not a threat to me any more if you’re spending all your time trying to keep your insides in…

    …also, you CAN stab with an edge. Not a standard approach, but very, very possible.

    …and it wouldn’t matter if you took the ENTIRE knife away.

    There are ALWAYS weapons…

  5. …there IS precident in UK history for this, though. Prior to the Revolutionary War, among other things like stringent gun control measures, the Britsh required the American colonists to break off the tips of their table knives so they couldn’t be used as offensive weapons.

    …how’d that work out for them?

  6. If the Brits want to get a handle on knife crime, they should only import Chinese knives. The shittiest steel in the world. You put those in the rain barrel, Corn Pop, and you’ll get a handle, but not much else.

  7. You know it seems I remember someone made a knife in prison once.
    I knew this biker guy that went to my church and he did more than his share of prison time until Jesus got him. He had some story’s, one was being attacked in the shower by 10 guys that were going to kill him. He knew they were after him so he made a knife out of a toothbrush with a razor blade, they surrounded him and he squatted down and spun around in a circle and cut all their stomachs open. He took bean bags to his back, but no prosecution because they attacked him and it was on video.
    My ‘point’ is where does it end. Are the real smart people going to outlaw toothbrushes and rocks? Maybe just cut their thumbs off at birth for our safety? BTW this guy had a whole kitchen drawer full of knives that he had taken away from people that tryed to stab him, for real.

  8. My kitchen knife of choice is a Santoku Knife with a rounded point, because I have a phobia of dropping the knife and stabbing myself in the foot.

  9. Tony R,

    You can get a pair of Steel toed boots to wear in the kitchen. even if you drop a knife on your foot. No harm!

  10. One of the reasons IOTW has become the conservative blog I check first everyday is the comments. Better than the posts sometimes. 😁

  11. Ah hell, all wrong…, all they needed to do was put up signs declaring…” no pointed knives allowed” and “ Blunted knives only”. How easy was that. ?

  12. who needs a knife?

    in the immortal words of the Sherriff of Nottingham, “I’ll cut your heart out with a spoon!” …. “because it hurts more, you twit!”

  13. So the moslems will shift from “Stabby-stabby” to “Slashy-Slashy”…

    I’m an American, so I’m staying with “Shooty-Shooty”.

  14. We must ban all grinders… of course the ‘youth’ probably have no idea what that is except a website. Unless they’re mooslims… then, they know.

  15. I knew a guy who was in the US Army during the Korean War.
    He told me: “They taught me how to kill with a pencil! And I wasn’t the only one, there were about 250,000 of us!”

    Seems that just about anything can be used as a weapon in the trained hand.

    izlamo delenda est …


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