UK Parliament Passes Major Brexit Bill

NTK: In a win for Prime Minister Theresa May and her Conservative Party, a major Brexit bill passed the UK parliament on Tuesday.

The bill, according to Reuters, “‘cop[ies] and paste[s]’ EU law into British legislation,” what May’s government considers a necessary step in the Brexit process to ensure a “smooth departure.”

Many fell in step with the government which said a vote against the legislation would force Britain into a chaotic exit from the EU, rather than a smooth departure, as the country would lack laws and a regulatory framework to steer the process.

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11 Comments on UK Parliament Passes Major Brexit Bill

  1. UK – following in the footsteps of France and Italy – surrender is the ONLY path to Victory!

    Ja! Good luck with that!

    Fuck a “smooth exit” – when you’re in the grasp of a demented, sadistic psychopath you get the fuck away the quickest possible way – regardless of how “smooth” the transition from Certain Death to Freedom may be.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. It’s a challenge when the people want one thing and their legislators – whom they elected – want another.

    Isn’t it, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell???

  3. Not-so-great Britain certainly allowed the American Colonies a smooth transition …. well, after years of punishing draconian laws, destruction of communities, our financial system, arrests, rape and murder of our citizens.
    Maybe the EU will employ the same tactics as not-so-great Britain.

  4. Actually it may be good strategy to do this. Once it’s in Britsh legislation it can be changed or cut out entirely without any input from Brussels and may serve to quiet those in the government that want to sabotage the exit.

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